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Cathal Black, 36 minutes, 2015

In Butterfly, Leonard (Denis Conway), a lonely probation officer, estranged from his wife, is faced with the difficult task of writing a report on Teri (Antonia Campbell-Hughes), a mercurial young graphic designer with convictions for minor theft. Teri’s cooperation or…

Butterfly City

Olga Černovaitė, 95 minutes, 2017

The Lithuanian town of Visaginas is just forty years old but already it faces an uncertain future. Created to service a nuclear power plant which showcased the wonders of Soviet technology to the West, the city floundered with its closure following the disintegration of the USSR. The inhabitants,…

By Accident

Norris Davidson, 20 minutes, 1930

By Accident, a film by Norris Davidson, is one of few independent films produced in the early years of the Irish state, and one of the first films to emerge from the group Irish Amateur Films. Only an estimated one…

Bye Bye Now

Aideen O'Sullivan, Ross Whitaker, 15 minutes, 2009

Change comes to rural Ireland in this short documentary about the fate of the public phone box in the modern era. Describing these phone boxes as having been a ‘lifeline for rural Ireland’, Bye Bye Now allows people to describe…


Emily McGee, 15 minutes, 2019

Things I didn't say but wish I did.


Emer Conroy, 15 minutes, 2019

A woman hunted, accused of witchcraft, who finds love in an unlikely ally. Can she escape with her life? Can she ever truly be free?


Pat O'Connor, 102 minutes, 1984

In this film that confronted the violence and sectarian divisions in Northern Irish society, a reluctant IRA man struggles to extricate himself from his allegiances when he falls for one of his victims. The IRA man is Cal (John Lynch),…

Calm with Horses

Nick Rowland, 101 minutes, 2019

Douglas ‘Arm’ Armstrong (Cosmo Jarvis) is an enforcer for the Devers, a family of criminals in an Irish seaside town. Quicker with his fists than his wits, Arm had a brief moment of glory when he represented his county in…


John Michael McDonagh, 101 minutes, 2014

Father James Lavelle could be the last good priest in Ireland, a jaded but open-hearted representative of an institution tainted with scandal and waning in influence. His parish in a country town is populated with sceptics and cynics, and when…

The Camino Voyage

Dónal Ó Céilleachair, 98 minutes, 2018

A crew of explorers takes to the beloved, sacred Camino de Santiago – not by land but by sea – in this evocative, immersive documentary by director Dónal Ó Ceilleachair (Aisling Gheal, Ó Chúil Aodha go hÓileán Í). The adventurers,…

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