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How Harry Became a Tree

Goran Paskaljevic, 99 minutes, 2001

Very much an international production, How Harry Became a Tree has a Serbian director use an Irish cast to tell a Chinese folk tale that comically touches on the legacy of both Irish and Balkan civil wars. Central to the…

How to Defuse a Bomb: The Project Children Story

Des Henderson, 90 minutes, 2016

In 1975 Irish immigrant Denis Mulcahy of the NYPD bomb squad began a scheme offering children from Northern Ireland respite from the Troubles. Project Children ultimately brought more than 20,000 Catholic and Protestant children to suburban USA for summer-long visits…

How Was Your Day?

Damien O'Donnell, 13 minutes, 2016

A woman is excited about the approaching birth of her first child.


Nathan Fagan, 19 minutes, 2017

A portrait of artist and musician Kevin Nolan, diagnosed at 19 with schizoaffective disorder.


Steve McQueen, 96 minutes, 2008

Turner prize-winning artist Steve McQueen made a shattering entry into feature film-making with this vivid, contentious yet ultimately compassionate study of Bobby Sands’ 1981 hunger strike at the Maze prison. Extensively researched, and co-written by noted Irish playwright Enda Walsh,…


Margo Harkin, 72 minutes, 1990

Margo Harkin’s feature debut takes a political stance in its depiction of the dilemma faced by a Derry teenager when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Set in 1984, against the backdrop of sustained violence in Northern Ireland and a failed…

I am Belfast

Mark Cousins, 84 minutes, 2015

Part documentary, part reverie,
I Am Belfast is Mark Cousins’ film exploration of the city he calls home. Incorporating contemporary dream-like sequences, archival film and a haunting score by David Holmes, the film portrays the city in an ethereal light not…

I Didn’t… I Wasn’t…I Amn’t… (An Un-romantic Comedy)

Laoisa Sexton, 26 minutes, 2018

A pitch-black comedy on the social contract of human endeavour between men and women in the paradox of modern life.

I Used to Live Here

Frank Berry, 80 minutes, 2014

Amy (Jordanne Jones) is a 13-year-old living in Tallaght and has had to take on much of the responsibility for running the family home after the death of her mother. She is devoted to her father, Raymond (James Kelly), but…

I Went Down

Paddy Breathnach, 107 minutes, 1997

Made with an indie spirit synonymous with much of 1990s crime cinema, I Went Down is a stylish effort that sees two talentless criminals sent from Dublin to fetch a gangland leader in Cork. The trouble begins when Git (Peter…

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