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Margaret Corkery, 86 minutes, 2009

Delving into a world of sexually–frustrated, immature twenty-somethings, Eamon is a slow-burning family drama built around the unsettling performance of child actor Robert Donnelly. Unable to balance the demands of their son Eamon with their own relationship, dysfunctional couple Grace…

Early Days

Nessa Wrafter, 12 minutes, 2017

A new mother finds that having a baby causes her post-natal anxiety and intrusive thoughts.


Alan Brennan, 90 minutes, 2012

A mind-bending mixture of romance, comedy, and science-fiction, Earthbound dives into the world of Joe Norman (Rafe Spall), a reclusive nerd raised to believe he is an alien refugee fleeing a war in another galaxy. Living in isolation and working…

Earthly Bonds

Alan Dunne, 16 minutes, 2017

An imaginative girl tries o create a spaceship after he loss of her Mother, while her grieving father descends into alcoholism.

Earthy Encounters

Sam Johnson, 25 minutes, 2017

15-year-old garden centre worker Kyle battles shadowy agents so he can save his dying older brother with a special plant.

The Eclipse

Conor McPherson, 88 minutes, 2009

Playwright Conor McPherson author  s again drawn to the supernatural in this tightly-crafted picture of loss and haunting. At the centre of affairs is Michael (Ciarán Hinds), a widower with two children and a dying father-in-law (Jim Norton), and a…


Declan Recks, 83 minutes, 2008

A heart-breaking piece of social realism, this adaptation of Eugene O’Brien’s play of the same name captured the unfulfilling underbelly of Ireland’s Celtic Tiger. The story is of Billy (Aidan Kelly) and Breda (Eileen Walsh) Farrell, a couple whose stale…

El Hor

Dianne Lucille Campbell, 14 minutes, 2018

Through the interspecies gaze we observe the of the most ancient and highly honoured dog breeds, the Saluki. Guiding us in love, preparing us in death and transforming us in life.

El Toro

Tomás Seoighe, 14 minutes, 2012

This Irish language short looks to traditional Spanish culture as it tells a winning story of a boy finding solace in an unexpected place. Unable to connect with father (Peadar Cox), lonely schoolboy Cian (Domhnall Ó Braonáin) discovers comfort in…


Tim Golden
Ross McDonnell, 108 minutes, 2017

Three miles off the coast of Florida a five-year-old Cuban boy Elián González is rescued from a sinking boat. 11 other passengers, including the boy’s mother, have drowned. The film plots how the custody battle between the boy’s Cuban father and…

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