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Dream Kitchen

Barry Dignam, 8 minutes, 2001

Dreams stubbornly refuse to become reality for one young gay man in this creative short. Unable to come out to his family, a son (Andrew Lovern) instead fantasises about his suburban home being transformed into an upper-class mansion complete with…

The Dream Report

Jack O'Shea, 7 minutes, 2019

A deadpan sci-fi, interweaving moments of familiar routine with esoteric messages from deep space.

Dreaming the Quiet Man

Sé Merry Doyle, 90 minutes, 2010

The Quiet Man has become a touchstone for Irish cinema and Sé Merry Doyle’s documentary here has academics, directors (including Martin Scorsese), anecdote-filled locals who were involved with the filming and Maureen O’Hara come forward to extol the virtues of…

Dreams of a Life

Carol Morley, 95 minutes, 2011

This piercing new film by Carol Morley offers us the true story of an ill-fated modern-day Eleanor Rigby. In 2006, council officials forcibly entered a north London flat with an eviction notice, only to recoil at the decomposing body of Joyce Carol Vincent, a woman…

Dreamtime Revisited

Julius Ziz, Dónal Ó Céillachair, 76 minutes, 2012

A poet and philosopher inspired by Irish mythology and landscape, the writings of the late John Moriarty are here transformed into an impressionistic exploration of the wonder Moriarty found in the world. Interviews with members of Moriarty’s surviving family offer…


Robert Higgins,
Patrick McGivney, 14 minutes, 2020

Cian and Pat have been joined at the hip since they were kids and have the run of their small town in the midlands. Cian is content to coast through a life of booze and casual hook-ups while Pat has…

The Drummer and the Keeper

Nick Kelly, 92 minutes, 2017

Drummer Gabriel (Dermot Murphy), recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, is forced to curb his erratic behaviour when his therapist changes his medication and insists he join a special football team. When he meets goalkeeper Christopher (Jacob McCarthy), a 17-year-old with…

Dublin 1

Jason Tammemagi, 12 minutes, 2004

Dublin’s north inner city  comes to life in this animated short that has one man recount his varied day in Dublin 1. The street markets, the apartments, and the colourful characters who populate the city all make appearances in director…

Dublin Oldschool

Dave Tynan, 95 minutes, 2018

Emmet Kirwan’s play was a hit on the Irish stage, drawing from the author’s own experiences as he played Jason, an aspiring DJ whose life revolves around ‘the session’, but who is stopped in his tracks by a chance encounter…


Margaret Corkery, 86 minutes, 2009

Delving into a world of sexually–frustrated, immature twenty-somethings, Eamon is a slow-burning family drama built around the unsettling performance of child actor Robert Donnelly. Unable to balance the demands of their son Eamon with their own relationship, dysfunctional couple Grace…

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