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The Erlking

C. Whiteside, M. Graham, 16 minutes, 2017

A couple's burgeoning love becomes twisted by a malevolent entity.

Essential Killing

Jerzy Skolimowski, 83 minutes, 2010

The film follows the story of Mohammed, who is captured by the US military in Afghanistan and transported to a secret military black site. When the army convoy he is riding in plummets off a steep hill, Mohammed finds himself…


Dominic Curran, 16 minutes, 2019

Nathan begrudgingly visits his infirm childhood friend Edgar, but their lives have diverged beyond any personal history.

Everything Alive is in Movement

Linda Curtin, 10 minutes, 2017

The power of the female spirit to transcend and transform the human body.

Everything Looks Better in the Sunshine

Mark Smyth,
Jonathan Farrelly, 13 minutes, 2020

Patsy, the traffic warden, after getting clipped by a pushbike while crossing the road, must ‘follow his nose’ to find the girl of his dreams who hit him.

Experimental Conversations

Fergus Daly, 98 minutes, 2007

Featuring a host of well-known filmmakers and critics including Nicole Brenez, Philippe Grandrieux and FJ Ossang (in France) and Irish contributors Maeve Connolly, Grace Weir, Clare Langan, Gerard Byrne, Vivienne Dick, and Maximilian Le Cain, Experimental Conversations draws links between…


Kieran Hickey, 48 minutes, 1978

A socially dissident drama from director Kieran Hickey, Exposure is a courageous assault on a smothering cultural conservatism prevalent in Ireland in the 1980s. Three surveyors – married men Dan (T.P. McKenna) and Eugene (Bosco Hogan) and single man Oliver…


Sinéad Murphy, 10 minutes, 2020

Haunted by visions, a young woman revisits an abusive past seeking to expel inner demons and put an end to her torment. However, she soon finds reality is her true horror and it bares the face of man.

Extra Ordinary

Mike Ahern
Enda Loughman, 94 minutes, 2019

Following in the tradition of Flann O’Brien, Kevin McAleer, and Father Ted, Extra Ordinary views rural Irish life through a surreal comic lens. Lonely driving instructor Rose Dooley (Maeve Higgins), believing herself responsible for the death of her paranormal investigator…

Far From the Reach of the Sun

Kevin Gaffney, 23 minutes, 2018

A corporation markets a drug that can alter your sexuality, targeting wealthy straight customers and vulnerable gay people.

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