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A Six-Week Evening Course on British film since the 1980s

March 12 – April 16

Amid the trade-dominating Brexit debates, there has been much less discussion of the impact on British culture, in particular cinema, which has long enjoyed a presence on the international arena. British cinema has evolved with a wealth of talent, sources of funding and the distinct styles and genres that make up a recognisable national cinema, reflecting a richly diverse society.

This six-week course will look at some key British films from the past 40 years. The course will run on consecutive Tuesdays, commencing at 6.30pm unless otherwise stated. Order of screenings may vary slightly.

TICKETS: €83 (including tea/coffee) for complete course (concessions €78). Booking for the complete course through our website. Film tickets not individually sold. Please note: Order of screenings may vary slightly

UK * 1985 * Comedy/Drama/Romance * 97 mins * Director: Stephen Frears

Dr Jennie Carlsten will discuss the film’s impact at the time of release, from the groundbreaking Channel 4 stable.

RATCATCHER (March 19 – 18.30) 
UK/France • 94 mins • Drama • 1999 • Director: Lynne Ramsay

Artist, sculptor and photographer Ruth McHugh will present Ratcatcher in the context of Ramsay’s work to date,  and her status as a female filmmaker working in the international filmmaking arena.

28 DAYS LATER… (March 26 – 18.30) 
UK * 2002 * Drama/Horror/Sci-Fi * 113 mins * Director: Danny Boyle

Dr Sian Barber (QUB) will discuss 28 Days Later as a genre piece, as well as looking at the broader sphere of British horror and sci-fi.

ROBINSON IN RUINS (April 2 – 18.30) 
UK * 2010 * 101 mins * Documentary * Director: Patrick Keiller

Rod Stoneman, former Director of the Huston School of Film & Digital Media at NUI Galway, CEO of the Irish Film Board and a commissioning editor of Channel 4, will discuss Keiller’s work, and its place within the broader remit of television commissioning.

IONA (April 9 – 18.30)
UK * 2015 * 85 mins * Drama * Director: Scott Graham

Film critic and writer, Justin MacGregor, John Sherlock Assistant Professor TCD, will talk about the ‘new’ new wave of British cinema and Scottish film’s place within the genre.

LADY MACBETH (April 16 – 18.30) 
UK * Drama/Romance * 2016 * 89 mins * Director: William Oldroyd

Dr Ruth Barton (TCD) will discuss Lady Macbeth and how the costume drama has evolved and been reworked up to current hit, The Favourite.

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