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Footage and Still Sales

The IFI Irish Film Archive provides commercial access to its film, paper and stills collections for filmmakers, production companies, publishers, and newspapers.

We regret that researcher access to the Archive collections is currently extremely limited as we are in the process of moving storage locations.

The IFI Irish Film Archive provides commercial access to its film, paper and stills collections for a variety of users, including filmmakers, production companies, publishers, and newspapers. The revenue generated by our commercial activities goes directly into the running and staffing of the IFI Irish Film Archive, and the continuing preservation and accessibility of our collections.

The catalogue for our collections is not currently available online. Once a request has been submitted, database results will be supplied from which footage requests can be made. Access depends on the availability of material on an accessible format, the preservation concerns of the material, and the clearing of copyright by the user.

Much of the collection held in the IFI Irish Film Archive is preserved on film and has not yet been transferred to a digital file or reference tape. In order to view or access any title that is on an 8mm, 16mm or 35mm gauge, it must first be transferred. Any requests for transferring material will be added to the IFA’s transfer queue. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for requests to be completed.

In accordance with current copyright legislation, the IFI Irish Film Archive will not release material held without copyright first being cleared. It is the producers’ responsibility to clear copyright for all material accessed. The IFI Irish Film Archive will endeavour to assist in copyright clearance by supplying names and addresses of copyright owners where available.

All requests for footage or database searches must be made in writing to

Footage sales:

  • Commercial Rate Card (pdf)
  • Non-Commercial Rate Card (pdf)
  • Please note our rates are charged per minute or part thereof per copyright source.
  • Burned-In-Time-Coded (BITC) files are available to view on Vimeo. The cost of a copy on DVD or download for offline editing is €45. Please note that permission from the copyright holder will be required in advance for any BITC files from our Private Collections.
  • Administration, research and technical fee: €60

Footage orders:

  • Orders for extracts should be made using the timecodes provided in the BITC files.
  • We provide 5 second handles on each clip ordered.
  • Clips are provided on 422 pro files unless otherwise specified.
  • We provide footage via Dropbox. For larger orders we may require the producer to provide a hard drive or flash drive as a carrier.
  • Please allow 5 working days for delivery of orders.
  • Access Agreements and paperwork must be finalised before footage can be provided.

Image and document reproduction service:

The IFI Irish Film Archive’s image collections include stills from Irish productions, publicity headshots of Irish actors, on-set photographs and film posters. Our document collection includes scripts, shot lists, productions notes, correspondence, contracts, accounts, press material, programmes, and theses.

  • Images may be purchased as high resolution digital files, or photographic prints.
  • At least two days’ notice must be given for any stills reproduction request. Photographic prints may take longer.
  • Additional charges may be incurred if images are not yet digitised. Charges may be substantially higher for the reproduction of posters, which cannot be digitised in-house.
  • It is the responsibility of the user to clear copyright for the image before it can be released.
  • The appropriate photographic reproduction fee must be paid.
  • The IFI Irish Film Archive must be credited as the source of the image or document.
  • For more information on image and document reproduction, please email


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