EFA Young Audience Award (YAA)

The EFA Young Audience Award, or YAA, presented to the best European film for young people each year, as chosen by youth juries from all over Europe.

2021’s finalist films were:


The Crossing/Flukten over Grensen was announced as the winner on Sunday April 25th. 2,000 Young Jurors, aged 12 – 14, from 38 European countries elected the Norwegian film by director Johanne Helgeland.

The online awards ceremony is available to watch back on on the European Film Awards website.

Keep an eye out for when we begin recruiting our IFI YAA Panel 2022, and our monthly IFI Family strand in the IFI programme, which will resume in September after the IFI Family Festival (August 27th – 29th 2021)

For more information, please contact Amy Louise at amylouiseocallaghan@irishfilm.ie


The EFA Young Audience Summit


The EFA Young Audience Summit, was co-created by and for young cinephiles from throughout Europe in April 2021. During that day, 78 young film enthusiasts from throughout Europe discussed European films in the idea of creating a European Film Club Network.


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