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Founded in 2016 by Daniel Fitzpatrick and Alice Butler, aemi is an agency and platform for the support and exhibition of artists’ & experimental moving image practices. A key objective of this organisation is to develop audiences for artists’ moving image in Ireland through regular, curated programmes of both Irish and international work with the intention of contributing to and developing critical discourse around practices in this area.

aemi is particularly interested in reclaiming the cinema as a site for the exhibition of works that challenge, expand, and interrogate a wider realm of possibility in terms of what cinema can be and do. Through an ongoing selection of carefully curated programmes at IFI aemi will focus on works, both contemporary and historical, which remind us that cinema can be a space for truly diverse points of view, for warped perspectives and for spatiotemporal journeys utterly unlike those we have become accustomed to.

In January 2019, aemi will present The Memory-Image, a programme curated in collaboration with Sarah Durcan (NCAD) that features the Irish premiere of Turner Prize-winning artist Mark Leckey’s Dream English Kid, 1964-1999 AD.  This programme highlights the peculiar nature of the relationship between memory and media by fixing our attention on moments and institutions of shared history and experience.

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    In Pat O’Neill’s dizzying 1989 masterpiece Water and Power, he combines techniques of collage, time-lapse, and superimposition to depict an ongoing clash between industry and nature. Operating in a ‘city symphony mode’ that would extend elsewhere from Dziga Vertov’s Man... Read More


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