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The Great Wall

Tadhg O'Sullivan, 74 minutes, 2014

This bold new documentary, an adaptation of a Kafka story, looks at the enclosure of Europe by a complex system of walls and fences. Mysterious and visually dazzling, the film journeys across a range of European landscapes, and encounters those…


Neil Jordan, 98 minutes, 2018

When Frances (Chloë Grace Moretz) finds a handbag on the subway, she doesn’t think twice about tracking down its rightful owner, who turns out to be Greta (Isabelle Huppert), a lonely piano teacher in desperate need of company. Struggling to…


Johnny Gogan, 98 minutes, 2021

In 2011, Ireland became a frontline state as the oil and gas industry attempted to introduce the controversial practice known as Hydraulic Fracturing - or "fracking" - into Europe. A ten year groundswell campaign started in the border counties of…

The Guard

John Michael McDonagh, 96 minutes, 2011

Pulling the viewer into a surreal version of western Ireland built from black comedy and motifs pulled from Hollywood, The Guard sees rogue Garda Gerry Boyle (Brendan Gleeson) facing off against international drug smugglers looking to exploit the West’s isolation.…

Guerrillere Talks

Vivienne Dick, 24 minutes, 1978

Vivienne Dick began making Super 8 films in New York in the late ‘70s as part of a group of filmmakers and musicians whose affiliation to the aesthetics of punk became known as ‘No Wave’. Guerrillere Talks is her first…


Gerard Stembridge, 90 minutes, 1995

Paranoid and violent, army officer Liam (Andrew Connolly) is a terror to his suffering wife Tina (Jasmine Russell). Coming home drunk one evening he demands that Tina relates to him all the events of her day. From here a clever…


Ken Williams, Denis Fitzpatick, 11 minutes, 2017

A man wakes up with a strange tune in his head. But what is it? And how did it get there?

Halal Daddy

Conor McDermottroe, 95 minutes, 2017

Raghdan Aziz’s new home in the west of Ireland seems to be the perfect getaway from his controlling Bradford-based Muslim father, Amir. However, when Amir lands on his doorstep with a birthday present of the keys to a former abattoir…


Michael-David McKernan, 16 minutes, 2019

A lonely driver takes drastic action to protect a customer from heartbreak. A single-take film about loneliness, intentions and infidelity.

The Halo Effect

Lance Daly, 97 minutes, 2004

This humane, realist drama from Lance Daly explores his common territory – inner city Dublin – through the figure of Fatso (Stephen Rea), a genial chip shop owner whose gambling problem lands him in more trouble than he can deal…

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