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Bloody Good Headline

Tom Burke, Paul Quinn, 2014

Dublin’s newspaper sellers, whose demanding job has them work long hours in all weather, are offered the chance to tell their own stories in this documentary short from Tom Burke and Paul Quinn.

Bloody Sunday

Paul Greengrass, 107 minutes, 2002

Directed by Paul Greengrass, this highly regarded reconstruction of the events of Bloody Sunday (30 January 1972), when British paratroopers fired on civil rights marchers, was produced by Jim Sheridan under his production company Hell’s Kitchen. Made to commemorate the…


Sean Walsh, 113 minutes, 2003

A vivid adaptation of Joyce’s celebrated Ulysses, Bloom is a rich costume drama about Leopold Bloom (Stephen Rea), his ribald wife, Molly (Angeline Ball), and the young intellectual Stephen Dedalus (Hugh O’Conor) going about their daily business. In a bold…

Blue Rinse

Matt Leigh, 11 minutes, 2010

A celebration of daily life, Blue Rinse records a single day at a hair salon and the conversations between hair-dressers and customers. Their honest and open attitudes shine through in a documentary short made with a keen sense of the…

Bobby Sands: 66 Days

Brendan J. Byrne, 105 minutes, 2016

In the spring of 1981 Bobby Sands, a Republican prisoner in Belfast’s H-Block, began a sixty-six day hunger strike which drew the attention of the world to his campaign for recognition as a political prisoner. This focus on the Northern…

Bold Emmett, Ireland’s Martyr

Sidney Olcott, 37 minutes, 1915

After Gene Gauntier disbanded her company and ended her professional relationship with Sidney Olcott, he returned to Ireland one last time where he made Bold Emmett and All for Old Ireland. Jack Melville starred in a number of O’Kalem films…


Diarmuid Doran, 16 minutes, 2016

An unknown crisis darkens the heart of a mysterious wreck.

Bordalo II: A Life of Waste

Trevor Whelan, Rua Meegan, 10 minutes, 2018

An intimate portrait of Portuguese street artist Artur Bordalo as he aims to highlight the extent of our wastefulness and the impact this has on our environment through his 'Trash Animals' sculptures.

Born and Reared

Henrietta Norton
Dan Dennison, 66 minutes, 2016

Born and Reared explores contemporary Northern Ireland through the lives of four men living in the aftermath of violent conflict. In Northern Ireland today communities struggle to come to terms with the horrors and sacrifices of the past. Four men, of…

Borstal Boy

Peter Sheridan, 93 minutes, 2000

A stirring drama adapted from Brendan Behan’s autobiographical novel, Borstal Boy depicts Behan’s (Shawn Hatosy) time spent in a British reform school for young men– a borstal – during World War II. Imprisoned for smuggling dynamite to England as part…

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