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The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Yorgos Lanthimos, 121 minutes, 2017

Successful heart surgeon Steven (Colin Farrell) is engaged in a bizarre relationship with sixteen-year-old Martin (Barry Keoghan) in Yorgos Lanthimos’s (Dogtooth, 2009; The Lobster, 2015) outstanding new film that pushes the director’s signature style to extremes of inky-black humour and horror. Steven introduces Martin to…

Killing the Afternoon

Margaret Corkery, 12 minutes, 2005

First-time director Margaret Corkery here displays skill at manipulating atmosphere in conveying the tedium of a day at the seaside. People sunbathe and plays sports, whilst others kayak and some hover about as voyeurs, with an uneasy atmosphere suggesting tensions…

King of the Travellers

Mark O'Connor, 80 minutes, 2012

Raw and temperamental, King of the Travellers sees champion bareknuckle boxer John Paul Moorehouse (John Connors) questions his long time loyalty to his Uncle Francis (Michael Collins) when love and deception comes into his life. Encouraged by the combustive Mickey…


Tom Collins, 85 minutes, 2007

An eloquent drama about lives that dwindled away, Kings shifts between the Irish and English language as it sees five immigrants from the Connemara Gaeltacht confronted with the poverty of their lives in London when the sixth of their number,…


Lance Daly, 72 minutes, 2008

This heart-warming coming-of-age tale finds two diamonds in the rough of inner city Dublin in the form of pre-teens Kylie (Kelly O’Neill) and Dylan (Shane Curry). Violent, dysfunctional homes drive the pair to run away, with a fistful of cash…

Kissing Candice

Aoife McArdle, 102 minutes, 2017

This atmospheric, hallucinatory drama about youth at risk in small-town Ireland represents an auspicious feature debut for Northern Irish director Aoife McArdle, who brings to the cinema screen the dynamic visual sense she honed through working on celebrated music videos.…


Ian Palmer, 97 minutes, 2011

Knuckle navigates the grimy world of Irish Traveller bare-knuckle boxing, depicting it as a sport existing somewhere between mindless violence and communal catharsis. Following a series of feuding families over the course of twelve years, filmmaker Ian Palmer uncovers a story…


Cathal Black, 87 minutes, 1994

Adapted from a short story by John McGahern, teenager Eamon (Andrew Scott) spends his last summer before leaving home with his father, eel fisherman John Doyle (Donal Donnelly). Tensions over fishing rights arise with neighbour Ben Moran (Vass Anderson), an…


Enrico Pau, 97 minutes, 2015

Set in Sardinia, during the bombardment of World War II, Annetta is an Accabadora, a woman who helps people die with dignity, a practice existing in Sardinia until the 1950s. She searches for acceptance and love with a deep desire…

La Petite Mort

Michael Smiley, 97 minutes, 2019

When two people meet at a party, they have more in common than they think.

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