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Broken Song

Claire Dix, 66 minutes, 2013

GI, Costello and Willa Lee are street poets, hip-hop artists, rappers and song-writers from Dublin’s often-deprived suburbs. Through their words they have found a way to diffuse their frustration with the chaos that surrounds them and to inspire others to…


John Crowley , 111 minutes, 2015

The Irish-American emigrant experience is brought vividly to life in this beautifully crafted, exceptionally moving adaptation of Colm Tóibín's much admired novel. It’s 1952 and Eilis (Saoirse Ronan, in her finest performance to date) is part of a wave of…

Broth of a Boy

George Pollock, 77 minutes, 1959

Absurdities mount up in this freewheeling 1950s comedy about impulsive TV producer Tony (Tony Wright) and his efforts to produce a show about Patrick Farrell (Barry Fitzgerald), a man who claims to be the oldest person in the world Much…


Karl Golden, 94 minutes, 2019

A homeless man searching for his lost dog forges an unexpected bond with a young boy.


Brian Folan, 94 minutes, 2019

A young mother and her son flee an abusive husband in the middle of the night only to find themselves trapped in their car in a field with a homicidal bull.


Rachel Fitzgerald, 94 minutes, 2019

A puppet grows tormented at the hands of her manipulator.

Build Something Modern

Nicky Gogan, Paul Rowley, 70 minutes, 2011

Following on from Seaview, which examined the experience of asylum seekers living in the former Butlin’s holiday camp at Mosney, Nicky Gogan and Paul Rowley’s second film, Build Something Modern, similarly uses a distinct visual language as a tool to…


David Magnier, 6 minutes, 2019

A young man throws himself off a lighthouse to end it all, but it's only the beginning.

The Butcher

Vince Murray, Naoimh Reilly, 10 minutes, 2019

Retired butcher Joe Williams runs a boxing club in Rathkeale, Co. Limerick. He trains boxers from both settled and traveller communities. In a dying town where most of the buildings are empty, the boxing club is one of the few…

The Butcher Boy

Neil Jordan, 110 minutes, 1997

Neil Jordan's twisted version of a coming of age story, The Butcher Boy brings the viewer into the bizarre world of Francie Brady (Eamonn Owens). With an alcoholic father (Stephen Rea) and suicidal mother (Aisling O’Sullivan) at home, Francie lives…

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