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Garry Cooper, 5 minutes, 2019

An everyday scenario: two people sitting together, in an ordinary place completing their unremarkable, mundane tasks. But sometimes life is not so ordinary.

The Climb

Lynne Davison, 9 minutes, 2016

After the sudden death of her adventure-loving spouse, Julia decides it's time for a fresh start.


Ged Murray, 14 minutes, 2017

A horror about a father's shame after he and his son glimpse something frightening on a lonely, dark road.


Michael Lavelle, 19 minutes, 2011

Boyhood camaraderie triumphs over clerical authority in this sweet-hearted short set in a 1950s orphanage. Young troublemaker Cowboy (Scott Graham) befriends the orphanage’s newest arrival, a bizarre young boy who believes he is a chicken and who earns himself the…

The Cocaine Famine

Sam McMullen, 13 minutes, 2018

The Cocaine Famine is an Irish black comedy about cocaine and the futility of nationalism.


Alan Holly, 9 minutes, 2013

A lost soul stumbles drunkenly through Dublin city. In a park, death finds him and shows him many things.

The Colleen Bawn

Sidney Olcott, 42 minutes, 1911

The Colleen Bawn is indicative of Kalem’s aspiration to aim its Irish subjects beyond an Irish-American audience and is highly ambitious in its conception. Like Rory O’More, the film is based on a 19th century literary source. Dion Boucicault’s 1860…


Carter Gunn, Ross McDonnell, 85 minutes, 2009

Carter Gunn and Ross McDonnell’s documentary struck a chord with audiences across the globe, detailing a dire crisis facing the world’s beekeepers and its potentially catastrophic repercussions. Simply put, their bees are dying, and nobody can quite figure why: without…

Come Back to Erin

SIdney Olcott, 14 minutes, 1914

Sadly, only one reel of this three-reel film survives; recently discovered at the Museum of Modern Art. According to a contemporary synopsis, the story was another transatlantic emigrant tale, centering on a female character named Peggy O’Malley (Gene Gauntier), who…

Coming Home

Cathal Kenna, 84 minutes, 2016

The history of Ireland has been deeply affected by emigration, with almost 10 million people emigrating from the island of Ireland between 1800 and 2015. Charting the journeys of five Irish emigrants across four continents as they pursue a common…

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