JULY 2-30 2019 – Despite a relatively small body of work consisting of thirteen feature films made over forty years, Robert Bresson is one of the most revered and pivotal of French filmmakers.

Determined to differentiate cinema from theatre as a form of art, one with its own distinct rules and power, Bresson honed over the course of his career an ascetic style that eschewed the traditional use of elements such as scoring and professional performances in favour of that which would speak to a rawer and more credible truth of a character’s experience or situation. The precision and efficiency with which Bresson approached and co-ordinated every aspect of his films makes each a concentrated experience that is nonetheless rich in resonance and metaphor beyond the ostensible subject matter.

His films are infused with spiritual themes, often attempting to examine issues of redemption and salvation, and how the individual’s place in the broader society may affect the possibility of achieving either state. While his films are undeniably serious and frequently challenging, Bresson’s oeuvre is equally undeniably one of the most sublime in cinema history.

The IFI is delighted to welcome Jonathan Hourigan, Head of Screenwriting at the London Film School, who will introduce L’argent and host a post-screening discussion. Jonathan Hourigan is a graduate of Oxford University and the National Film and Television School. He was assistant to Robert Bresson on L’Argent and in addition to his own work as a writer, director, script consultant and teacher, he continues to be involved in caring for the legacy of the great French director.

Introduction and notes on individual films by Kevin Coyne. A multi-film pass, 5 films for €45, is available directly from the IFI Box Office.

This retrospective is presented with the support of the French Embassy in Ireland and Institut Français.


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