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Above the Law

Bryony Dunne, 2019

Traversing the same bodies of land and water this short film conceptually links the intercontinental routes of migratory birds with the journeys of refugees and migrants. Above the law, they traverse the same bodies of land and water.


Kevin de la Isla O'Neil, 5 minutes, 2017

A child's unusual behaviour during the school  nativity rehearsals results in the principal calling a meeting with the boy's mother.

Acre Fall Between

Antonia Campbell-Hughes, 12 minutes, 2020

On a desolate Northern Ireland border, a man begins a desperate search for his family knowing the future he feared is nigh.

After ’16

Various, 2 hours aprox, 2016

Bord Scannán na hÉireann/The Irish Film Board Short Films A programme of nine short films inspired by the subject of 1916 and what it has left in its wake, commissioned by the IFB. Programme includes fiction and non-fiction, live-action and…

After You

Damien O'Connor, 7 minutes, 2012

A warm-hearted animated short, After You condenses into a few brief minutes the life of a Dublin doorman in the twentieth century. As a century of history unfolds on his doorstep, he experiences the eroding of a once-elegant way of…


Barry O'Connor,
Grace Dyas, 2019

Bernie fights stigma, shame, and her own demons while trying to hold her family together in the wake of her son's drug-related death.


Ruairi McKenna, 10 minutes, 2008

Afternoon tells the sad story of Gerard (Tommie Curran), a teenage boy forced to deal with painful loss early in life. After the suicide of friend William, Gerard keeps quiet about the pair’s gay experiences and William’s difficulty in accepting…

Agony Ant

Sean Cunningham, 3 minutes, 2020

Ant Hill City is thrown into panic when a giant foot appears. Our hero, Agony Ant, is running out of time to craft the only weapon that can stop it.

Agricultural Report

Melina Sydney Padua, 3 minutes, 2004

Agricultural Report imagines a cow’s panicked reaction to his fate in the face of an outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease. 

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