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The Lost Letter

Kealan O'Rourke, 8 minutes, 2017

When a young boy asks Santa Claus for the ultimate gift, he sets out to prepare the entire neighbourhood for the big day. But the boy’s plans are turned upside down when he meets the one lady who doesn’t want…

Lost Memories

Eamonn Murphy, 1 mintues, 2017

Sean races against the clock to his mother's deathbed while dealing with inter-family politics over the phone.


Glenn Marshall, 3 minutes, 2003

A short film eschewing conventional narrative and providing instead a rich sensual  experience, Lotus uses computer animation to depict ethereal patterns, resembling unfolding lotus flowers, playing out against a dark background. An ambient soundtrack is used to heighten a sense…


Eli Dolliver, 9 minutes, 2019

A lady of a certain age is always unlucky in love.

Loving Alex

Jamie Hooper, 6 minutes, 2019

For Dan, ALEX is more than a virtual assistant; he’s his soulmate. Love, jealousy and control all play a part in this dark comedy that was written, produced and edited in 48 Hours as part of the Little Cinema, Galway…

Low Tide

Ian Hunt Duffy, 14 minutes, 2019

Jack is excited about heading out to sea on a fishing trip. But things take a sudden dark turn when his dad stops the boat and tellsJack that they have hit a monster. What Jack sees in the water will…

The Lucky Man

Laoisa Sexton, 15 minutes, 2020

A lonely simple-minded barman working in a dead-end pub in the middle of nowhere rural Ireland has a fleeting encounter with a stranger that lights a flicker of something that might have been, or a glimpse of how things could…


Alan Short, Seamus Malone, 4 minutes, 2018

A desperate castaway navigates shark-infested waters to reach a nearby island paradise, and pits his wits against an escalating run of extraordinary bad luck.


Sean Breathnach, 10 minutes, 2016

An autistic boy’s world is thrown into chaos as he searches for his mother.


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