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Leave the Road Behind You

Daniel Butler, 16 minutes, 2018

As his life changes outside his control, a young man struggles to keep his car on the road.

The Ledge End of Phil (From Accounting)

Paul O Muiris, 6 minutes, 2013

Stuck outside looking in, Phil is forced to face the world he's been ignoring. Now he must take a leap of faith or be trapped forever.


Eamonn O'Neill, 10 minutes, 2012

Youth goes awry in this animated short which follows the diverging paths two young friends take in life. As Joe comes home with his girlfriend and is welcomed by town and family, childhood partner-in-crime Neil has a less glamourous life,…

Legend Has It

Ciara Johnson, 2019

In a perfect Celtic society, a young girl finds herself face-to-face with a dark family secret.

Legends from the Mists

Peadar Mac Donnacha
Keelin Kennedy, 5 minutes, 2020

The story of how Cnoc Mordaáin was formed. According to local legend there was a giant who terrorised the local people. A hero ‘Ciarain’ sailed across the water to save the people from the giant and in doing so, turned…


Graham Cantwell, 22 minutes, 2016

The tale of an adolescent girl with a secret, on the cusp of becoming a young woman. In the wake of a violent and vicious homophobic attack, she is faced with the greatest challenge of her young life. Available as…


Matthew McGuigan, 20 minutes, 2019

Brendan's mother Eilis reveals a dark secret on her deathbed, one to which Brendan must find the answer - what happened to her lost child?


Lisa O'Sullivan, 3 minutes, 2018

Exploring the strange limbo state we experience in the aftermath of a breakup, Lint follows one person's bizarre attempt at regaining some sense of normality.


Paul Mercier, 18 minutes, 1998

The “oral Irish”, a compulsory state exam in the Irish language is satirised in this short from Paul Mercier. Sean McGinley plays the examiner who encounters the exam’s absurdities, as he tests students whose talent in the language ranges from…

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