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Sharon Whooley, 14 minutes, 2018

An experimental non-narrative film looking at time from a specific place, Glenbride in Co. Wicklow.


Morgan Bushe, 17 minutes , 2013

The difficulties of being an estranged father overwhelm Doug (Peter Coonan) in this short drama. Low on cash and hunted for unpaid debts, Doug is given the irreconcilable tasks of babysitting his young son whilst getting rid of family pet…


Louise Bagnall, 5 minutes, 2009

The eponymous donkey of this delightful animation has a challenging life, earning a demeaning wage working at the sea-side. Dreaming of returning to his natural habitat, the donkey makes a stand and goes in search of home in this charming…

The Door

Juanita Wilson, 17 minutes, 2008

In the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, Nikolai (Igor Sigov) returns home in search of a door that holds sentimental and ceremonial value within his family. A heart-breaking exploration of the hours and days following the disaster, director Juanita Wilson’s…

Dream Kitchen

Barry Dignam, 8 minutes, 2001

Dreams stubbornly refuse to become reality for one young gay man in this creative short. Unable to come out to his family, a son (Andrew Lovern) instead fantasises about his suburban home being transformed into an upper-class mansion complete with…

Dublin 1

Jason Tammemagi, 12 minutes, 2004

Dublin’s north inner city  comes to life in this animated short that has one man recount his varied day in Dublin 1. The street markets, the apartments, and the colourful characters who populate the city all make appearances in director…

Early Days

Nessa Wrafter, 12 minutes, 2017

A new mother finds that having a baby causes her post-natal anxiety and intrusive thoughts.

Earthly Bonds

Alan Dunne, 16 minutes, 2017

An imaginative girl tries o create a spaceship after he loss of her Mother, while her grieving father descends into alcoholism.

Earthy Encounters

Sam Johnson, 25 minutes, 2017

15-year-old garden centre worker Kyle battles shadowy agents so he can save his dying older brother with a special plant.

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