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Conor Ferguson, 4 minutes, 2008

Against a wind-swept rural landscape in the West of Ireland, isolated farmer (Liam Cunningham) receives a letter from an old flame who had emigrated to America years before. The voice of the writer reveals the letter to be an invitation…


Jack Reynor, 17 minutes, 2019

During the last year of The Great Famine in Ireland, a farmhand working for the local landlord has hardened his heart against his countrymen to ensure his own survival. But when he encounters a ghostly female figure stealing milk from…


Luke Morgan, 10 minutes, 2018

After discovering that they were both married to the same man at the same time, two women try to cultivate a relationship between their children.

Beckett’s Film

Alan Schneider , 20 minutes , 1965

In 1969 Samuel Beckett was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in recognition of his development of a circular form of reasoning that implies entrapment in circumstances of one’s own design. Film, directed by Alan Schneider in New York and…

Beirt le Chéile

Stephen Daly, 10 minutes, 2013

Tar éis Éirí Amach na Cásca, iompraíonn Tom a dheartháir gortaithe trí bhunchnoic Chill Mhantáin chun cabhair a fháil. Ach mar gheall ar chluiche páistí a bhaineann le haithne contráilte, ní thiteann rudaí amach mar ba chóir. It is the…


Caroline Campbell, 7 minutes, 2018

On a remote beach in the west of Ireland, Anne begins her journey to become the Bellwether – the sheep that can lead the flock.      

Bending Glass

Suzie Keegan, 7 minutes, 2019

Exploring the life's work of eight-year-old Glass Bender Paddy Dignam, this film follows the man who used the streets as his gallery, illuminating Ireland with one iconic piece of work at a time.

The Bird and the Whale

Carol Freeman, 8 minutes, 2018

A baby whale separated from his family encounters a caged bird - the sole survivor of a shipwreck.

Bird Food

Richard Keane, 5 minutes, 2012

A man plans to eat his lunch in the park, but the local pigeons have other ideas in this animated short from Richard Keane.  Notes by Sunniva O'Flynn  

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