Renaud Barret / Système K
Renaud Barret started his career as a  graphic designer and photographer and has been interested in African culture since his 20s. He moved to Kinshasa in 2003 and since then has produced and directed several documentaries including La Dance le  Jupiter, Victoire Terminus, and Benda Billi! which have screened and won
awards at festivals around the world including BFI London Film Festival, Hot Docs Toronto and Berlinale. In addition to his filmmaking activity, Renaud produces Congolese musicians through his agency in Kinshasa. Tickets.

Bill Drummond / Best Before Death
Bill Drummond was born in the Transkei, South Africa and began his music career in the 1970s with punk band Big In Japan and managed two of the more successful bands from that era, Echo & the Bunnymen and The Teardrop Explodes. During the late 80s with Jimmy Cauty, he formed half of The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, also known as The KLF. They became the biggest selling singles act of 1991 with hits such as What Time Is Love? and Justified & Ancient. They left the music business after an incendiary live show at the 1992 Brit awards, and formed the K Foundation, dedicated to provocative art activities, before burning a million pounds of their own money on the Isle of Jura in 1994, after which Cauty and Drummond agreed a 23-year moratorium on working together. More recent art activities, carried out under Drummond’s chosen banner of the Penkiln Burn, include making and distributing cakes, soup, flowers, beds and shoe-shines. Drummond has announced a twelve-year World Tour, during which he will carry out these activities in locations such as Papua New Guinea, and Port-au-
Prince, Haiti. Drummond is the author of several books about art and music. He would rather be known as an ex-milkman than a former pop star. Tickets.

Paul Duane / Best Before Death
Paul Duane has been making films, drama and documentary for twenty years. His most recent film What
Time Is Death? follows the return of the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, otherwise known as The KLF, after their self-imposed 23-year silence. He produced the 2015 IFTA-award-winning documentary In A House That Ceased To Be, and the IFTA-nominated documentary Barbaric Genius. His documentary on rockabilly bankrobber Jerry McGill, Very Extremely Dangerous, was called “a riveting ride to the wrong side of the tracks” by The Sunday Times. His 2013 film Natan, screened at some of the world’s most prestigious film festivals: Edinburgh, Telluride, Lumière and Pordenone. He co-created and co-produced the IFTAwinning drama series Amber, and before hat was a co-creator of TV series Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Tickets.

Ziad Kalthoum / Taste of Cement
Ziad Kalthoum is a Syrian filmmaker currently living in Berlin. His first documentary Oh My Heart (2009)  portrays a group of Kurdish women who have chosen to live in a society without men and was banned from screening in Syria due to political reasons. In 2012, during the outbreak of the Syrian revolution, he began working on his first feature film The Immortal Sergeant while serving a compulsory military service. The film had its premiere at the Locarno Film Festival in 2014 and, in 2015, he won the Best Feature Documentary award
in the BBC Arabic Festival. Kalthoum deserted from the Syrian Army in 2013 and started to work on Taste of Cement, which has been travelling to festivals around the world, and winning various awards including the Golden Sesterce for Best Feature Documentary at Visions du Réel in 2017. Tickets.

Peter Kelly / Journey to the Edge
Peter Kelly is an award-winning producer-director with credits on scores of documentaries filmed in over 50 countries. Productions include documentary series for Irish and international television embracing a range of subjects; development and social issues, history, science, faith, human rights and the Irish abroad. He regularly
contributes to conferences and periodicals on aspects of the international audiovisual industry. Tickets.

Alan Leonard / Heyday – The Mic Christopher Story
Alan Leonard is one of Ireland’s foremost cinematic talents, with an extensive background in production design and film production. He has worked on such titles as The Count of Monte Cristo, and The Medallion. He has consolidated this experience with his love for movies, screen writing, special effects and
lighting, making him one of the most creative directors in the country. Tickets.

Seamus Murphy / A Dog Called Money
Seamus Murphy is an award-winning photographer, filmmaker and author. His work has been published and exhibited widely and is in the collections of The Getty Museum, The Imperial War Museum and Stanford
University. He has made films for Channel 4 Television in the UK and The New Yorker in the US. Darkness Visible, a film he made about his photographic work in Afghanistan, was nominated for an Emmy. He has made music films for musician PJ Harvey for her albums Let England Shake and The Hope Six Demolition Project. As a continuation of their artistic collaboration Murphy and Harvey collaborated on the book The Hollow of the Hand (Bloomsbury, 2015). Tickets.


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