Irish Film Institute -IFI Documentary Festival: SYSTÈME K

IFI Documentary Festival: SYSTÈME K

Director: Renaud Barret

94 mins, France-Democratic Republic of Congo, 2018, Digital, Subtitled

This screening is followed by a Q&A with director Renaud Barret.

Kinshasa, a city of eleven million people, is home to an emerging wave of street artists who’s vibrant, disturbing works function as political commentary on the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country plagued by civil unrest, poverty and corruption. French director Renaud Barret follows the exploits of one such group, the titular Systeme K, a wildly inventive collective whose artists employ waste products, fire, paint, wax and blood to make arresting, taboo-breaking installations and kinetic performance pieces, in spite of the constant harassment of the authorities, and the risks posed to their lives.

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Screening as part of the 2019 IFI Documentary Festival,  25th – 29th September. Full details here.

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