Irish Film Institute -IFI Documentary Festival: BEST BEFORE DEATH

IFI Documentary Festival: BEST BEFORE DEATH

Director: Paul Duane

120 mins, Ireland, 2019, Digital

The screening will be bookended by a play, White Saviour Complex, written by Drummond, and performed by Drummond and actor Tam Dean Burn (playing Drummond).

Since 2014 he’s been on a World Tour basing himself in Kolkata (2016) and in Lexington, North Carolina (2018) to perform his self-imposed ‘work’ – building beds, baking cakes, making soup, shining shoes – to the amused, perplexed or annoyed reactions of onlookers. His self-calculated life expectancy of 74 years will allow him to complete his World Tour by the time he’s 73. Best Before Death is about life, death, art, money, music, cake and knitting.

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Screening as part of the 2019 IFI Documentary Festival,  25th – 29th September. Full details here.


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