Irish Film Institute -Review Round Up – Raw, Neruda, I Am Not Your Negro, A Quiet Passion

Review Round Up – Raw, Neruda, I Am Not Your Negro, A Quiet Passion

April 7th is here, and we’re welcoming four new films to the IFI. Read on for a roundup of reviews of Raw, A Quiet Passion, I Am Not Your Negro and Neruda, then pop in to make up your own mind!

“Nixon’s Dickinson is simultaneously fearless and brittle, and her superb performance helps vivify a film that is, by necessity, housebound” 5/5 – Independent

“Its firecracker dialogue is invigorating; the assured, measured compositions are equally compelling. And in its sensitivity to intersecting conflicts related to womanhood and class, it is quietly masterful” 5/5 – Indiewire

“This is a moving and engrossing film, and a wonderful performance from Nixon, who combines delicacy with angularity; vulnerability and defiance” 4/5 – The Guardian

“Not to be missed if you can bear it” – 5/5 – Independent

“Bloody, bonkers and brilliant, Raw is both a must-see and the hardest of films to recommend to anyone. If you do go, make sure your only company is an empty stomach” 5/5 – RTE

“What really sets the film apart, however, is the appalling power of its disgusting images.” 4/5 – The Irish Times

“The title is a pretty accurate description of how I was feeling by the end.” 4/5 – The Guardian

“Here is a picture that, rather like its dazzlingly brilliant subject, will make you rethink everything.”  5/5 – The Irish Times

“Baldwin’s reflections on their lives and deaths are skilfully interwoven with images from Ferguson and the LA riots to demonstrate how depressingly little has changed.” 5/5 – Independent

“You would be hard-pressed to find a movie that speaks to the present moment with greater clarity and force, insisting on uncomfortable truths and drawing stark lessons from the shadows of history” 5/5 – New York Times

“Peck’s great accomplishment with this mesmerizing achievement is that he pays homage to his subject with a work in tune with that call to action” 5/5 – Indiewire

“It is vivid, nutritious film-making”  4/5 – The Guardian

“The director at his stunning best with a work of such cleverness and beauty, alongside such power, that it’s hard to know how to parcel out praise” 5/5 – Variety

“A dexterous, mischievous, almost incomprehensibly intelligent film that has such invention packed into every frame that the only real danger is overload” 4/5 – The Playlist

“A noirish travelogue where nothing is quite as it seems” 4/5 – Empire


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