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Bicycle Thieves: Pumped Up

Conor O'Toole, 90 minutes, 2021

Mags, a hot-headed pizza delivery cyclist who reckons herself to be entirely self-sufficient, is just about getting by during the property crisis in Dublin. When her bike is stolen and she loses her job, her eviction seems inevitable. With nowhere…

Black 47

Lance Daly, 99 minutes, 2018

Given the number of films which have taken their inspiration from Ireland’s troubled history, the lack of those that depict the events of the Great Famine is all the more noticeable, and so credit is due to director Lance Daly…

Black Medicine

Colum Eastwood, 90 minutes, 2021

A black-market medic carrying out illegal operations for the criminal underworld gives refuge to a young girl, and must choose between breaking her medical oath or crossing her ruthless employers.


Harry O'Donovan, 65 minutes, 1938

The comedy classic features much-loved Irish actor Jimmy O’Dea, playing a salesman working along the Irish Border who runs into trouble when he encounters jewel thieves. Cross-border rivalry plays out between a Garda, played by Noel Purcell (Moby Dick, 1956…

Bloody Sunday

Paul Greengrass, 107 minutes, 2002

Directed by Paul Greengrass, this highly regarded reconstruction of the events of Bloody Sunday (30 January 1972), when British paratroopers fired on civil rights marchers, was produced by Jim Sheridan under his production company Hell’s Kitchen. Made to commemorate the…


Sean Walsh, 113 minutes, 2003

A vivid adaptation of Joyce’s celebrated Ulysses, Bloom is a rich costume drama about Leopold Bloom (Stephen Rea), his ribald wife, Molly (Angeline Ball), and the young intellectual Stephen Dedalus (Hugh O’Conor) going about their daily business. In a bold…

Borstal Boy

Peter Sheridan, 93 minutes, 2000

A stirring drama adapted from Brendan Behan’s autobiographical novel, Borstal Boy depicts Behan’s (Shawn Hatosy) time spent in a British reform school for young men– a borstal – during World War II. Imprisoned for smuggling dynamite to England as part…


Claire Denis,

The love triangle, a mainstay of French cinema, is given a fresh interpretation in Claire Denis’s intimate, emotionally involving and quietly devastating film, which debuted as Fire at the 2022 Berlin International Film Festival, where Denis picked up the Silver…

The Boxer

Jim Sheridan, 113 minutes, 1997

An intense performance from Daniel Day-Lewis, here partnered with Emily Watson, returns Sheridan (and co-scriptwriter Terry George) to The Troubles in The Boxer. Unsettled by the more vicious attacks on In the Name of the Father, and the insistence of…

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