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Damo & Ivor: The Movie

Ronan Burke
Rob Burke, 87 minutes, 2018

Damo and Ivor embark on the mother of all adventures across Ireland to track down their long lost brother John Joe.

Dancing at Lughnasa

Pat O'Connor , 95 minutes, 1998

Brian Friel’s enormously popular play about life in 1930s Ireland, the winner of a host of awards when first produced, is here transformed by director Pat O’Connor into a richly textured feature film. At its heart is a family of…


Ferdia MacAnna, 91 minutes, 2020

Daniel Buckley (Darragh Byrne) is a nervous teen with a stutter, struggling to navigate his way in small-town 80s Ireland, trying to woo costume designer Carla while taking driving lessons from nerdy Donna. Having to grow up quickly following the…

Dark Lies the Island

Ian Fitzgibbon, 87 minutes, 2019

Sara (Charlie Murphy) has married into the feuding Mannion family and is embroiled in a complex web of erotic dysfunction. Though husband Daddy Mannion (Pat Shortt), 20 years her senior, is a big cheese in a small town, she is…

Dating Amber

David Freyne, 92 minutes, 2020

A coming-of-age comedy drama about two closeted teenagers, Eddie and Amber, who fake a relationship in order to stop all the speculation around them. At first they love the reaction and begin to enjoy their peculiar arrangement. They become close…

The Dead

John Huston,

John Huston's film, The Dead, is an adaptation of perhaps one of the greatest pieces of English- language literature by one of Huston's favourite authors, James Joyce. It has been described as a love letter to the land of his…

The Dead

John Huston, 83 minutes, 1987

Always the most literary and philosophical of the great Hollywood directors, Huston used this adaptation of the James Joyce story to furnish a portrait of his own artistry as an old man, turning the film into a serene song of…

Deadly Cuts

Rachel Carey, 90 minutes, 2020

A black comedy set in a working-class Dublin hair salon where the stylists become accidental vigilantes and community heroes as they take on the gang members and gentrifiers threatening their community. Notes courtesy of Screen Ireland

Death of a Ladies Man

Matthew Bissonnette, 90 minutes, 2020

Samuel O’Shea, a hard-drinking womaniser, has seen better days. His second marriage is ending, his first wife and grown children have turned against him, and he has begun seeing strange things. Looking for answers, Samuel discovers he has a terminal…

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