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George Best: All By Myself

Daniel Gordon, 90 minutes, 2016

In 1961 George Best, a shy well-mannered Belfast teenager, was recruited by Manchester United to become what Pelé would call “the greatest player in the world”. A devilishly charismatic figure, Best achieved celebrity status early. His football was transcendent (playing…


Gerard Barrett, 80 minutes, 2014

John is working as a taxi driver in Dublin and struggling to make ends meet. He lives with his mother Jean, who he is devoted to, despite Jean being a committed and unrelenting alcoholic. When she is hospitalised after her…


Niall Heery, 90 minutes, 2014

Out on the street and down on his luck, homeless misfit Ray (David Wilmot) turns to one-time girlfriend Alice (Kerry Condon) for both shelter and the rare chance to see his estranged daughter, teenage athlete Abbie (Game of Thrones’ Maisie…

Goldfish Memory

Elizabeth Gill, 85 minutes, 2003

Typifying the brash confidence and excitement of Celtic Tiger Ireland, Goldfish Memory is an ensemble piece about the relationship troubles of a host of modern-day Dubliners and could be described as Ireland's first gay rom-com. Lecturer Tom (Sean Campion) cheats…

Good Favour

Rebecca Daly, 101 minutes, 2017

Secluded deep in the forests of Central Europe, a strictly devout Christian community is suffering a crisis of faith following a series of unsettling incidents and a devastating loss. When a young man stumbles onto their compound bearing scars of…

Good Vibrations

Lisa Barros D'Sa, Glenn Leyburn, 103 minutes, 2012

Celebrating the true story of a man who used music to stand up to political and religious violence, Good Vibrations sees Belfast music lover Terri Hooley defy the Troubles by opening a record store and becoming the godfather of Northern…


Jon Wright, 94 minutes, 2011

Comedy, horror, and romance collide in this genre mash-up about an alien invasion hitting a bucolic Western Irish island. An urban teetotaller assigned to work on ‘Erin Island’, Garda Lisa Nolan (Ruth Bradley) finds herself unimpressed by local drunkard and…

The Guard

John Michael McDonagh, 96 minutes, 2011

Pulling the viewer into a surreal version of western Ireland built from black comedy and motifs pulled from Hollywood, The Guard sees rogue Garda Gerry Boyle (Brendan Gleeson) facing off against international drug smugglers looking to exploit the West’s isolation.…


Gerard Stembridge, 90 minutes, 1995

Paranoid and violent, army officer Liam (Andrew Connolly) is a terror to his suffering wife Tina (Jasmine Russell). Coming home drunk one evening he demands that Tina relates to him all the events of her day. From here a clever…


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