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Double Blind

Ian Hunt-Duffy, 90 minutes, 2023

Seven strangers enrol in an apparently routine drug trial at a pharmaceutical facility, but soon discover an unexpected side effect – they are unable to fall asleep. Concerned for the safety of the patients, the supervising doctor advises the pharmaceutical…

Down the Corner

Joe Comerford, 60 minutes, 1977

Funded by the Arts Council and the British Film Institute Production Board, Down the Corner was produced in 1976. It was an attempt to make a community film with and within the working class community of Ballyfermot in Dublin. The…

The Drummer and the Keeper

Nick Kelly, 92 minutes, 2017

Drummer Gabriel (Dermot Murphy), recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, is forced to curb his erratic behaviour when his therapist changes his medication and insists he join a special football team. When he meets goalkeeper Christopher (Jacob McCarthy), a 17-year-old with…

Dublin Oldschool

Dave Tynan, 95 minutes, 2018

Emmet Kirwan’s play was a hit on the Irish stage, drawing from the author’s own experiences as he played Jason, an aspiring DJ whose life revolves around ‘the session’, but who is stopped in his tracks by a chance encounter…


Margaret Corkery, 86 minutes, 2009

Delving into a world of sexually–frustrated, immature twenty-somethings, Eamon is a slow-burning family drama built around the unsettling performance of child actor Robert Donnelly. Unable to balance the demands of their son Eamon with their own relationship, dysfunctional couple Grace…


Alan Brennan, 90 minutes, 2012

A mind-bending mixture of romance, comedy, and science-fiction, Earthbound dives into the world of Joe Norman (Rafe Spall), a reclusive nerd raised to believe he is an alien refugee fleeing a war in another galaxy. Living in isolation and working…

The Eclipse

Conor McPherson, 88 minutes, 2009

Playwright Conor McPherson author  s again drawn to the supernatural in this tightly-crafted picture of loss and haunting. At the centre of affairs is Michael (Ciarán Hinds), a widower with two children and a dying father-in-law (Jim Norton), and a…


Declan Recks, 83 minutes, 2008

A heart-breaking piece of social realism, this adaptation of Eugene O’Brien’s play of the same name captured the unfulfilling underbelly of Ireland’s Celtic Tiger. The story is of Billy (Aidan Kelly) and Breda (Eileen Walsh) Farrell, a couple whose stale…

Eliza Lynch: Queen of Paraguay

Alan Gilsenan, 80 minutes, 2013

Alan Gilsenan's feature documentary tells the incredible story of Eliza Lynch, the Cork-born woman who became lover to Francisco Solano López, later the president of Paraguay. Maria Doyle Kennedy captures the spirit of Eliza in her later years, while Paraguayan…

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