Gathered here is an extensive collection of feature length (60 min+) fiction films representing a broad sweep of cinematic endeavour in Ireland from the early days of sound film to the present day. The selection includes features made in and about Ireland by Irish and foreign directors. The indigenous work features Irish films, made from the 1970s onwards, when an Irish film industry began to establish itself. The collection reflects the changing preoccupations and recurring themes of Irish filmmakers – the Catholic church, the Troubles, sexuality, emigration, exile, family, feminism, politics, rural life, the new Ireland, youth, music, poetry, sexuality, and many other issues that have concerned the nation.

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11 Minutes

Jerzy Skolimowski , 82 minutes, 2015

This film was released on Friday 4th December 2015 and is no longer screening.  Jerzy Skolimowski (Essential Killing, The Deep End), one of the greats of Polish cinema, presents a typically complex and darkly humorous ensemble piece in which the…

The 34th: The Story of Marriage Equality

Linda Cullen
Vanessa Gildea
, 78 minutes, 2017

Spanning a decade that culminated in the 34th amendment to the Irish constitution, Linda Cullen and Vanessa Gildea’s IFTA-nominated documentary feature follows the founders and members of the Marriage Equality in Ireland organisation as they campaigned for the extension of…

A Bump Along the Way

Shelly Love, 95 minutes, 2019

After a one-night-stand with a younger man on her 44th birthday, party-loving single mother Pamela (played effortlessly by Bronagh Gallagher) discovers that she is pregnant. Meanwhile her disapproving, strait-laced daughter Allegra (Lola Petticrew), who sees herself as the adult of…

A Dark Song

Liam Gavin, 100 minutes, 2016

A determined young woman and a damaged occultist risk their lives and souls to perform a dangerous ritual that will grant them what they want.

A Date for Mad Mary

Darren Thornton , 82 minutes, 2016

This film was released 2nd September 2016, and is no longer screening. Joint winner of Best Irish Feature at this year’s Galway Film Fleadh, A Date for Mad Mary, based on Yasmine Akram’s theatrical monologue, sees director Darren Thornton make…

A Film with Me in It

Ian Fitzgibbon , 89 minutes, 2008

Struggling actor (Mark Doherty) finds himself juggling a failing career, dilapidated home and a collapsing relationship with girlfriend Sally (Amy Huberman), whilst trying to put together a film with alcoholic screenwriter and close friend Pierce (Dylan Moran). As he and…

A Girl from Mogadishu

Mary McGuckian, 113 minutes, 2020

This inspiring drama of female empowerment is based on the testimony of Ifrah Ahmed, Female Genital Mutilation activist. Fleeing a forced marriage in war-torn Somalia in 2006, Ifrah (Aja Naomi King) is trafficked to Ireland where a medical examination when…

A Love Divided

Syd Macartney, 98 minutes, 1999

Based on real events in 1950s Ireland, A Love Divided is a savage indictment of religious intolerance in mid-century Ireland, and a celebration of a woman who opposed it. The story begins with Protestant woman Sheila’s (Orla Brady) marriage to…

A Man of No Importance

Suri Krishnamma, 99 minutes, 1994

Albert Finney delivers a star turn in this deeply human drama about a 1960s Dublin bus conductor unwilling to reveal his homosexuality to an unwelcoming city. This ‘man of no importance’, Alfred Byrne (Finney), attempts to celebrate his love for…

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