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Albert Nobbs

Rodrigo Garcia, 113 minutes, 2011

19th century Ireland; a woman with no husband or family and without work would face a bleak life of poverty and loneliness. Albert, a shy butler who keeps himself to himself, has been hiding a deep secret for years -…

All Good Children

All Good Children, 80 minutes, 2010

This highly atmospheric first feature by Alicia Duffy was inspired by Sam Taylor’s novel The Republic of Trees, the disturbing tale of a group of kids who, inspired by Rousseau’s The Social Contract, set up an alternative society in the…

All You Need is Death

Paul Duane, 90 minutes, 2023

Young couple Anna and Aleks collect folk ballads, the rarer the better. Following a tip from a fellow collector, they secretly record a song so ancient that it is in a forgotten dialect. However, once they begin to translate the…

Amanda Coogan: Long Now

Paddy Cahill, 60 minutes, 2016

Amanda Coogan: Long Now is an exploration of Coogan’s durational performance art practice. The film follows Coogan during a grueling six week live durational exhibition; I’ll sing you a song from around the town. Hosted in Dublin’s RHA Gallery, the exhibition became…

An Cailín Ciúin

Colm Bairéad, 95 minutes, 2021

Even before its release, Colm Bairéad’s debut feature has, quite rightly, become one of the most lauded and garlanded Irish films of recent years. Adapted from Foster, a short story by Claire Keegan, it centres on nine-year-old Cáit, a shy…


Neil Jordan, 92 minutes, 1982

In his first appearance as a writer-director Neil Jordan laid down a marker as to what was to come in his career, casting signature actor Stephen Rea as Danny, a showband saxophonist shocked by the senseless terrorist shooting of an…

Animal Kingdom

Dean Kavanagh, 120 minutes, 2017

Experimental filmmaker Dean Kavanagh’s latest work is a genre-defying exploration of the cinematic apparatus. The film concerns a character (played with corporeal intensity by Cillian Roche) who happens upon a group undergoing bestial metamorphosis. Narrative is not at the forefront…


Ciarán Creagh, 90 minutes, 2022

Based on the true story of the then 15-year-old Ann Lovett, who gave birth in the grotto in Granard; the last day of her life, a girl alone and abandoned by society, its prejudices, taboos, and traditions.

Anne Devlin

Pat Murphy, 121 minutes, 1986

Irish history is often dominated by male names such as Pearse, Collins, Wolfe Tone, and Emmet; Anne Devlin rejects this imbalance by narrating the life of its titular figure, who resisted torture and confinement rather than betray her comrades to…

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