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Paris Dreaming

Aoife Desmond, 9 minutes, 2010

Paris Dreaming consists of a dual projection of photographic slides and Super 8 film with a separate sound recording. The film, slides and sound document a series of drift walks through the Jardin des Plantes Menagerie and Parc Zoologique at…

Phantom Islands

Rouzbeh Rashidi, 74 minutes, 2017

Phantom Islands is an experimental film that exists at the boundaries of documentary and fiction. Directed by Rouzbeh Rashidi, with the visual intensity that has marked him as one of Ireland’s most radical and unique filmmakers, it follows a couple…

The Predicament of Man

Jesse Jones, 3 minutes, 2012

This film is the second in the collection of films; ‘The Trilogy of Dust’. Using footage shot in an opal mine in Cobber Pedy, Australia, intercut with over a thousand still images that appear momentarily on screen, Jones subliminally contrasts…


Alan Lambert, 58 Minutes, 2015

In the distant future climate change has devastated the Earth. Pushtar, a tundra on the outskirts of the Himalayas, 
is home to a disparate settlement. Among them, a breed of hypersensitive children acting as weather vanes to atmospheric changes that…


Joe Comerford, 12 minutes, 2003

RoadSide, Comerford’s first digital short, is a veritable assault on its audience – an audacious blur of ugliness and beauty. Mixing found footage from personal archives and his own unfinished short, Rough Touch, it outlines the brief encounter between a…

Sackville Street

Alexandre Promio, 50 seconds, 1897

In 1897, at the very dawn of cinema, Alexandre Promio, an agent of the Lumière Brothers, visited Ireland to capture films for their international catalogue of actualities. This 50 second actuality film presents a view of Sackville (now O’Connell) Street from…

The Science of Ghosts

Niall McCann, 80 minutes, 2017

Director Niall McCann’s observational drama centres on well-known Irish musician Adrian Crowley. While being interviewed by a film crew for his latest album, an interruption causes Adrian to ponder – what would a film about his life be like? Could…

Screening in the Rain

Norris Davidson, 10 minutes, 1930

Filmed during the annual garden party of Dublin’s Gate Theatre, Screening in the Rain was presented together with By Accident. Likewise produced by Irish Amateur Films and directed by Norris Davidson, this shorter piece is a dynamic and enlightening screen…


Michael Higgins, 65 minutes, 2013

‘Smolt (n.) Young salmon migrating to sea for first time.’ While trying to offload secondhand cigarettes, two 12-year-olds, Darren and Leon, become embroiled in a saga involving counterfeit football jerseys. Conceived in the style of a bootleg VHS, award-winning filmmaker…

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