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Joe Comerford, 80 minutes, 1982

Following an arranged marriage, Irish Travellers Michael and Angela are sent to smuggle electrical goods across the Northern Irish Border. The faltering relationship of the couple is complicated along the way by their encounter with a diffident IRA man, Clicky.…


Joe Comerford, 13 minutes, 1984

Waterbag was made as a preparation for the feature Reefer and the Model. Set on a fishing trawler, it involves the relationship between two fishermen and a pregnant woman and ends with an apparently self-induced miscarriage. Haunting slow-motion images of…

We Are Moving – Memories of Miss Moriarty

Claire Dix, 65 minutes, 2016

This is an intimate portrait of Joan Denise Moriarty, a visionary who overcame enormous odds by doggedly following her dream of bringing ballet to every corner of Ireland. A pioneer of early 20th century Irish dance, Moriarty dared to create…

The Welfare of Tomás Ó Hallissy

Duncan Campbell, 30 minutes, 2015

The Welfare of Tomás Ó Hallissy is a new film work by Irish-born, Turner Prize-winning artist Duncan Campbell. Filmed in and around the Kerry village of Dún Chaoin the film integrates newly-scripted dramatised material with footage from The Village (1968),…

With Wind & White Cloud

Dónal Ó Céilleachair, 5 minutes, 2005

With Wind & White Cloud pays homage to Oskar Fischinger’s 1927 film Walking from Munich to Berlin, which is one of the earliest films recorded in single-frame exposure. New York based filmmaker Ó Céilleachair repeats this process on his own…


Joe Comerford , 26 minutes, 1973

Based on the writings of David Chapman and Jimmy Brennan, Withdrawal is about Jimmy, a heroin user in a Dublin psychiatric hospital. His thoughts and observations dominate, his subjective voice-over speculating on the lives of his companions. Jimmy leaves the…

Youghal Clock Tower

James Horgan, 30 seconds, 1910

Youghal Clock Tower is a light hearted and playful exploration of the possibilities of animation in its infancy. Depicting the well-known landmark dancing into frame, the clock gate comes to life, spinning and dancing through the main street of the…

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