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Film from the Sea

Alan Lambert, 5 minutes, 1999-2011

Film from the Sea is a strip of 35mm cine-film found on a beach in Valencia, Spain. Corrosion has allowed only little photographic emulsion to survive, although two uniformed figures (possibly Spanish Revolution soldiers) in heated discussion can be perceived.…

Further Beyond

Christine Molloy
Joe Lawlor, 89 minutes, 2016

In their documentary debut Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor take as their point of departure the compelling 18th Century figure Ambrose O’Higgins (father of Bernardo O’Higgins, the first leader of independent Chile) and attempt to retrace his remarkable journey from…

Glass Hour

Clare Langan, 8 minutes , 2002

Clare Langan’s work sits within both fine art and film traditions. The use of hand-made filters gives a distinctly sensuous and oneiric appearance, mixing painterly values with a strongly cinematic use of sound and space. Part of a post-apocalyptic trilogy,…

Guerrillere Talks

Vivienne Dick, 24 minutes, 1978

Vivienne Dick began making Super 8 films in New York in the late ‘70s as part of a group of filmmakers and musicians whose affiliation to the aesthetics of punk became known as ‘No Wave’. Guerrillere Talks is her first…

Here After

Paddy Jolley , 10 minutes, 2004

An atmospheric study of a decaying and crumbling flat complex in Ballymun, Here After emerges from the residue of unknown events. Paddy Jolley’s film projects often begin with this sense of memory, time and place, inspiring experiments that explore the…

Homo Sapiens Project (93)

Rouzbeh Rashidi , 12 minutes, 2012

The 93rd film in Rashidi’s ongoing Homo Sapiens Project, HSP (93) evokes, like much of his prolific output, the atmospheric unease and suspense of horror cinema removed from its contextual and narrative confines. A man (played by Rashidi himself), inhabits…

Horrible Creature

Áine Stapleton, 60 minutes, 2019

In 1915, James Joyce and Nora Barnacle travelled with their young children Giorgio and Lucia to Switzerland to escape the turmoil of World War I. Lucia later trained as a dancer and performed throughout Europe. Her career ended when, in…


Esperanza Collado, 2 minutes, 2011

Rewinding the film in a Super 16mm Bolex camera to shoot a triple exposure, Horses was shot at different speeds and home-processed using an extreme, unorthodox procedure. The resulting footage shifts unexpectedly from negative to positive and vice-versa, while scratches…

Late Arrival

Barry Ronan, 3 minutes, 2006

Stripped of sound and language, Late Arrival relies entirely on its jittery and accelerated camera movement and overlapping imagery to create a kinetic and charged perception of its subject (the filmmaker’s wife) that could not have been expressed in a more ordered…

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