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Esperanza Collado, 2 minutes, 2011

Rewinding the film in a Super 16mm Bolex camera to shoot a triple exposure, Horses was shot at different speeds and home-processed using an extreme, unorthodox procedure. The resulting footage shifts unexpectedly from negative to positive and vice-versa, while scratches…


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Aideen Barry, 67 minutes, 2022

Klostės — Folds or Pleats — is a black and white, non-verbal feature film created by the people of Kaunas, Lithuania, together with Irish artist and filmmaker, Aideen Barry. The film, which was inspired by Kaunas Architectural Modernism and the…

Late Arrival

Barry Ronan, 3 minutes, 2006

Stripped of sound and language, Late Arrival relies entirely on its jittery and accelerated camera movement and overlapping imagery to create a kinetic and charged perception of its subject (the filmmaker’s wife) that could not have been expressed in a more ordered…

London Suite

Vivienne Dick, 28 minutes, 1988

A chorus of London voices come together to offer a snapshot of the city in the 1980s in this typically bold film from Vivienne Dick. Diverse figures describe and depict their ordinary lives, with a remarkable realism achieved through Dick’s…

Medicated Milk

Áine Stapleton, made in collaboration with José Miguel Jiménez , 50 minutes, 2016

Lucia Joyce was a talented dancer, writer and musician. She spent her life under the control of her father James, her family and multiple doctors. Her time in Ireland during the 1930s – particularly in Bray, Co. Wicklow – was…

Mongolian Barbecue

Maximilian Le Cain, 11 minutes, 2009

Mongolian Barbecue presents us with the edge of an abyss circumscribed by cinematic possession. The corporeal ritual involved falls at its ultimate climax into the rhythmical interstices of red frames that opens the way to static images from vampire B-movies,…

Motion Sickness

John McIlduff, 11 minutes, 2012

A man and two women perform movements both bizarre and intimate in this short dance film. Against the backdrop of an empty car park and cloud-grey sky, the trio physically express the uncertain desires they hold for each other. Choreographed…


Lukasz Simon, 9 minutes, 2024

Created as part of an Irish Queer Archive’s 2024 exhibition Normáilte explores the experience of growing up queer, linking to the growth of the LGBTQ+ movement in Ireland over the last 50 years.

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