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The Halo Effect

Lance Daly, 97 minutes, 2004

This humane, realist drama from Lance Daly explores his common territory – inner city Dublin – through the figure of Fatso (Stephen Rea), a genial chip shop owner whose gambling problem lands him in more trouble than he can deal…

Handsome Devil

John Butler, 95 minutes, 2016

Returning to boarding school after the holidays, Ned (Fionn O’Shea), a bullied but resilient outsider, is dismayed to find he has been assigned a new roommate, Conor (Nicholas Galitzine), a rugby-playing Adonis. When Conor is drafted into the gang of…

Hangman’s House

John Ford, 80 minutes, 1928

After the entertaining but lightweight The Shamrock Handicap, Hangman’s House is a revelation, one of the great late silent films to rank alongside the finest work of Victor Sjöström, Alfred Hitchcock and F. W. Murnau. Its dreamy landscapes and sinuous…

The Hardy Bucks Movie

Mike Cockayne, 89 minutes, 2013

Something of a media phenomenon in Ireland, The Hardy Bucks began life as a series of YouTube videos before graduating to television and, here, to film with this uproarious comedy. Led by Eddie (Martin Maloney), the ‘Hardy Bucks’ are a…


Joe Lawlor
Christine Molloy, 79 minutes, 2008

A remarkable debut feature from directors Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy, Helen is the story of an alienated young woman who wrestles with assuming another’s identity rather than holding to her own. Having grown up in a care home, Helen…

Here are the Young Men

Eoin C Macken, 2020

Matthew, a troubled teenager on the cusp of adulthood, finishes school along with the menacing Kearney and nihilistic Rez. In a final summer of excess, Matthew falls in love with his childhood sweetheart Jen, but is dragged into shocking acts…

Here Before

Stacey Gregg, 83 minutes, 2020

When a new family moves in next door, their young daughter, Megan, quickly captivates Laura, stirring up painful memories of her own daughter who died several years previously. Before long, Laura’s memories turn to obsession as Megan’s unsettling behaviour begins…


Phyllida Lloyd, 97 minutes, 2020

On the surface, Sandra is a young mother struggling to provide her two young daughters with a warm, safe and happy home to grow up in. Beneath the surface, she has a steely determination to change their lives for the…

High Boot Benny

Joe Comerford, 82 minutes, 1993

The challenge of  maintaining  neutrality when violence rages is put under scrutiny in this powerful feature from director, Joe Comerford. Benny (Marc O’Shea) is a teenage outsider sent to a school in the Republic to escape the Troubles in Northern…

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