Weekly Schedule

To add a greater degree of flexibility to our cinema programme, the IFI announces the screening times of all titles on a weekly* basis. 

Tuesday November 19th      

IFI French Film Festival: Joan of Arc – 16.00

IFI French Film Festival: Happy Birthday – 18.20

IFI French Film Festival: Sibyl – 20.30

The Irishman14.10

Marriage Story13.00 / 17.40 / 20.20

Meeting Gorbachev15.45

The Report13.30 / 20.50

Sorry We Missed You – 18.45


Wednesday November 20th        

Archive At Lunchtime: Programme 2 – 13.10

IFI French Film Festival: Yves Saint Laurent: The Last Collections – 16.30

IFI French Film Festival: Particles – 18.10

IFI French Film Festival: Pure as Snow – 20.15

The Irishman19.00

Marriage Story13.00 / 17.45 / 20.30

Meeting Gorbachev15.45

The Report13.45 / 16.20

Sorry We Missed You – 14.10


Thursday November 21th    

IFI French Film Festival: Who you Think I am16.10

IFI French Film Festival: Oh, les Filles!18.20

IFI French Film Festival: The Invisibles20.45

The Irishman19.10

Marriage Story13.00 / 17.45 / 20.30

Meeting Gorbachev16.00

The Report13.30, 18.00 (OC)

Sorry We Missed You – 14.00


Friday November 22nd     

A Dog Called Money14.20, 21.00

IFI French Film Festival: Amanda18.15

IFI French Film Festival: Carwash + The Birth, The Life, The Death Of Christ16.10

IFI French Film Festival: Matthias And Maxime20.30

La Belle Époque13.30, 18.30

Marriage Story16.20

The Amazing Johnathan Documentary16.30

The Irishman19.10

The Report13.50


Saturday November 23rd   

A Dog Called Money15.50

Archive At Lunchtime: Double Bill – 13.10

IFI French Film Festival: Alice And The Mayor18.10

IFI French Film Festival: Portrait Of A Lady On Fire20.20

IFI French Film Festival: The Girl With A Bracelet16.00

IFI French Film Festival: Vincent, François, Paul And The Others13.30

La Belle Époque14.20, 20.40

Marriage Story20.30

The Amazing Johnathan Documentary13.45

The Irishman16.40

The Report18.00


Sunday November 24th   

A Dog Called Money18.10

IFI French Film Festival: Amanda15.40

IFI French Film Festival: Be Natural: The Untold Story Of Alice Guy-Blaché14.00

IFI French Film Festival: Lullaby18.00

IFI French Film Festival: On A Magical Night20.00

IFI French Film Festival: Un Coeur En Hiver13.20

IFI French Film Festival Family Screening: Ailo’s Journey11.00

La Belle Époque16.20, 20.10

Marriage Story15.30

The Amazing Johnathan Documentary13.30

The Irishman18.50


Monday November 25th   

A Dog Called Money13.50, 18.10

Archive At Lunchtime: Programme 2 – 13.10

From The Vaults: The Outsider + Q&A 18.00

La Belle Époque13.00, 18.20

Marriage Story15.30, 20.15

The Amazing Johnathan Documentary16.00, 21.00

The Irishman14.00

The Report20.45


Tuesday November 26th      

A Dog Called Money13.50, 18.30

La Belle Époque13.10, 18.10

Marriage Story15.30, 20.30

The Amazing Johnathan Documentary17.00, 20.40

The Irishman13.00, 19.10

The Report16.00


Wednesday November 27th         

A Dog Called Money16.20, 20.40

Archive At Lunchtime: Programme 1 – 13.10

La Belle Époque13.40, 16.00, 20.30

Marriage Story16.10

The Amazing Johnathan Documentary14.10, 18.30

The Bigger Picture: Blow Out18.20

The Irishman19.00

The Report13.30

Wild Strawberries: The Mule – 11.00


Thursday November 28th     

A Dog Called Money13.00, 18.30

La Belle Époque13.00, 20.30

Marriage Story15.40

The Amazing Johnathan Documentary13.30, 18.55, 21.10

The Irishman15.00

The Report15.20


November 15th – 21st
November 22nd – 28th 


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