Review Roundup: Molly’s Game, Walk With Me, Brad’s Status and Jupiter’s Moon

It’s officially 2018 and as we all get back to normal life after the Christmas period we’re looking forward to serving up plenty of exciting cinema offerings in the months ahead.

We’re starting off with four new releases including the fast-paced drama Molly’s Game starring Jessica Chastain and the acclaimed mindfulness documentary Walk With Me.

Ben Stiller leads the cast in the awkward comedy Brad’s Status while a timely message meets spectacular thrills in Kornél Mundruczó’s Jupiter’s Moon.

Read on for a selection of reviews of our new films, and why not pop in to make up your own mind.

“Molly’s Game is a riotously entertaining and timely outing”
4/5 – RTE

“In the central role, Jessica Chastain is, quite simply, phenomenal”
4/5 – Guardian

“Rat-a-tat-tat dialogue, no crummy love interest, a slick dress sense and a satisfying general air of moxie make Molly’s Game a superb night out with a refreshing female protagonist”
4/5 – Irish Independent

“Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut gives “poker queen” Molly Bloom the royal treatment she deserves. Star Jessica Chastain proves as eloquent in silence as she does in speech and deals audiences a winning hand”
Rolling Stone

“Still, there’s enough surface class to keep the tolerant interested. You’ll want to see the river card”
Irish Times

 “Jupiter’s Moon is a highly ambitious and thoroughly entertaining trip”

“Jupiter’s Moon isn’t a total success – but it’s aiming at the stars”
3/5 – Guardian

“The fascinating, fitful Jupiter’s Moon turns a refugee into a class of superhero”
3/5 – Irish Times

“Walk with Me makes for a unique documentary spectacle, especially as it explores the power of silence and clarity”

“If it came in pill form, you could take two to recover from a Michael Bay movie”
Time Out

“Becomes a moving examination of mortality and life choices”
Village Voice

“Walk with Me has several warm moments and should prove unmissable for fans of mindfulness”
Irish Times

“Witty and perceptive, Brad’s Status is an indie gem”
5/5 – RTE

“This downbeat yet moving comedy of midlife existential angst explores why we hate it when our friends become successful”
4/5 – Guardian

“Brad’s Status remains grounded in reality – it’s gentle, human and unresolved. I loved it, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch it again”
Village Voice

“”Brad’s Status” at its best is genuinely thought-provoking”
New York Times

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