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Bobby Sands: 66 Days

Brendan J. Byrne, 105 minutes, 2016

In the spring of 1981 Bobby Sands, a Republican prisoner in Belfast’s H-Block, began a sixty-six day hunger strike which drew the attention of the world to his campaign for recognition as a political prisoner. This focus on the Northern…

Bog Graffiti

Bob Quinn, 2019

If you think climate change is a joke, you are the joke.

Born and Reared

Henrietta Norton
Dan Dennison, 66 minutes, 2016

Born and Reared explores contemporary Northern Ireland through the lives of four men living in the aftermath of violent conflict. In Northern Ireland today communities struggle to come to terms with the horrors and sacrifices of the past. Four men, of…

Broken Song

Claire Dix, 66 minutes, 2013

GI, Costello and Willa Lee are street poets, hip-hop artists, rappers and song-writers from Dublin’s often-deprived suburbs. Through their words they have found a way to diffuse their frustration with the chaos that surrounds them and to inspire others to…

Build Something Modern

Nicky Gogan, Paul Rowley, 70 minutes, 2011

Following on from Seaview, which examined the experience of asylum seekers living in the former Butlin’s holiday camp at Mosney, Nicky Gogan and Paul Rowley’s second film, Build Something Modern, similarly uses a distinct visual language as a tool to…

Butterfly City

Olga Černovaitė, 95 minutes, 2017

The Lithuanian town of Visaginas is just forty years old but already it faces an uncertain future. Created to service a nuclear power plant which showcased the wonders of Soviet technology to the West, the city floundered with its closure following the disintegration of the USSR. The inhabitants,…

Bye Bye Now

Aideen O'Sullivan, Ross Whitaker, 15 minutes, 2009

Change comes to rural Ireland in this short documentary about the fate of the public phone box in the modern era. Describing these phone boxes as having been a ‘lifeline for rural Ireland’, Bye Bye Now allows people to describe…


Emily McGee, 2019

Things I didn't say but wish I did.

The Camino Voyage

Dónal Ó Céilleachair, 98 minutes, 2018

A crew of explorers takes to the beloved, sacred Camino de Santiago – not by land but by sea – in this evocative, immersive documentary by director Dónal Ó Ceilleachair (Aisling Gheal, Ó Chúil Aodha go hÓileán Í). The adventurers,…


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