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Kevin Roche: The Quiet Architect

Mark Noonan, 82 minutes, 2017

Still working at the age of 95, Pritzker Prize-winning Irish-American architect Kevin Roche is an enigma. He is at the very top of his profession but has little interest in fame or fortune. Roche’s architectural philosophy is that “the responsibility…

Kila: Pota Óir

Anthony White, 63 minutes, 2017

Kíla: Pota Óir is a portrait of one of Ireland’s most respected cult bands who merge folk and world music traditions into a euphoric live experience. Now in their 30th year, Kíla, formed by a bunch of musical youths in…


Ian Palmer, 97 minutes, 2011

Knuckle navigates the grimy world of Irish Traveller bare-knuckle boxing, depicting it as a sport existing somewhere between mindless violence and communal catharsis. Following a series of feuding families over the course of twelve years, filmmaker Ian Palmer uncovers a story…

The Last Days of Peter Bergmann

Ciaran Cassidy, 19 minutes, 2013

A documentary short that is part police reconstruction, Last Days recounts one man’s mysterious death in this unlikely true story. Using the alias Peter Bergmann, the man went to considerable  lengths to maintain his anonymity, arriving as a stranger and…

The Last Organist

Paddy McConnell, 6 minutes, 2019

93-year-old organist George takes us though his love of music and his move from Belgium to Ireland almost 60 years ago.

Learning Gravity / The Undertaking

Cathal Black, 70 minutes, 2007

Thomas Lynch is a Detroit-based mortician who has run the family business for over 30 years and arranged perhaps 6,000 funerals. When not an American undertaker, he is an Irishman who lives in Moveen, Co. Clare (from where his grandparents…

Let Your Colours Run Free

Simon Blanckensee
Don Rorke, 68 minutes, 2019

Charting the path of TransGreystones, a group created to support the trans community in Wicklow, the film delineates their emotional journey to create their first art exhibition. Heartening in its depiction of subjugating vulnerability and isolation, the film explores the…

The Liberties

Tom Burke, Shane Hogan, 90 minutes, 2009

The film equivalent of a portrait gallery, Tom Burke and Shane Hogan’s The Liberties is a series of twelve beautifully crafted short films, each encapsulating a different aspect of this famous Dublin inner-city community, which one Oscar-winning inhabitant wouldn’t trade…

Living Colour

Eamon Little, 80 minutes, 2011

A celebration of a unique community of artists, Living Colour concerns itself with the talents rather than the special needs of the people who attend the Kilkenny Centre for Arts Talent (KCAT). With art offering them a means of communication…

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