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The Uncle Jack

John T. Davis, Sé Merry Doyle., 80 minutes, 1996

More personal and intimate than many of his other works, renowned documentarian John T. Davis dedicates himself here to memorialising his enigmatic Uncle Jack, whose influence on Davis led to his becoming a filmmaker. A leading architect of cinemas in…

Under Open Skies

Ben Jones, 12 minutes, 2014

A nostalgic look at handball alleys, Under Open Skies recalls the history of these institutions of social life in Ireland, with the memories of old players bringing back to the public this traditional sport.

Under the Clock

Colm Nicell, 76 minutes, 2018

This documentary (from the makers of Older than Ireland) celebrates the century-long tradition, firmly embedded in the hearts and minds of Dubliners, of meeting under Clery’s clock. This once-popular meeting place provides a starting point for a fascinating journey through…

Under the Hood

Mark Byrne , Rob Dennis, 75 minutes, 2013

Under the Hood explores life inside Belarus, the former Soviet republic where the battle for democracy, social justice and civil rights has yet to be won. The film is constructed through the voices of ordinary Belarusians and through the mundane…

Undressing My Mother

Ken Wardrop, 6 minutes, 2004

An intimate exploration of a woman’s relationship with her body, Undressing My Mother offers the tender portrayal of the director’s mother in a documentary that is as much interested in revealing the mental as the physical. Both her body and…

Unquiet Graves

Seán Murray, 75 minutes, 2018

Unquiet Graves: The Story of the Glenanne Gang details how members of the RUC and UDR (a British Army regiment) were centrally involved in the murder of over 120 innocent civilians during the recent conflict in Ireland. It reveals how…

Useless Dog

Ken Wardrop, 5 minutes, 2004

A sweet tale of an animal named ‘Guiness’ – the titular ‘useless dog’ – who is subject to farmer Trevor Wardrop’s complaints in this documentary short. Wardrop’s narrative proceeds over images of what he claims are Guiness’s cowardly, narcoleptic characteristics.…

Very Extremely Dangerous

Paul Duane, 85 minutes, 2012

Exhilarating, compelling, at times harrowing, Very Extremely Dangerous tells a story unlike few other Irish documentaries. Irish director Paul Duane takes a frightening, fascinating journey into the mad world of Jerry McGill, a 1960s rock ‘n’ roller from Memphis who…

The Village

Mark McCarty, Walter Goldschmidt, Colin Young, 70 minutes, 1967

Made by UCLA’s Ethnographic Film Program, this film visits Dunquin in Co. Kerry and examines how modernization has affected the inhabitants of this remote Irish-speaking fishing village in the southernmost part of Ireland. The film explores their connection with the…

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