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Loving Lorna

Annika Karlsson
Jessica Karlsson, 60 minutes, 2017

Caring for horses gives purpose and joy to Lorna, a 17-year-old living in the Dublin suburb of Ballymun. A fiercely capable and determined young woman, she has her heart set on becoming a farrier, traditionally a male preserve. Her unemployed father, who shares her love of horses,…


Alison Millar, 92 minutes, 2021

Lyra is an emotive, intimate portrait of the life and death of Belfast journalist Lyra Mckee, who was murdered by the New IRA the day before Good Friday, April 2019. Directed by her friend, documentarian Alison Millar, the film seeks…

Mairéad Farrell: An Unfinished Conversation

Martina Durac, 52 minutes, 2014

This new documentary from Loopline Film investigates the life and death of Mairéad Farrell who in 1988 was shot dead by the SAS in Gibraltar along with two other unarmed members of the IRA. Due to her youth, her gender…

The Making of the Rocky Road to Dublin

Paul Duane, 30 minutes, 2004

Made as companion piece for Rocky Road to Dublin during its revival in the 2000s, The Making of Rocky Road to Dublin describes the journey of Lennon’s iconoclastic documentary from its creation and initial life on the screen to its…

Making the Grade

Ken Wardrop, 82 minutes, 2017

Over 30,000 students prepare for piano exams each year in Ireland. In this delightfully quirky and uplifting documentary, we are invited into the world of the piano lesson. The film examines the special bond between piano teachers and their pupils,…

Making Tom

Táinne King,
Lorraine Higgins, 16 minutes, 2019

An iconic statue of Big Tom McBride, created by artist Mark Richards, was commissioned by Monaghan County Council, for the market square in Castleblayney. From the initial commission to the unveiling, an emotional journey is taken in art and in…

Man of Aran

Robert J. Flaherty, 76 minutes, 1934

Robert Flaherty’s seminal documentary, Man of Aran today remains one of the most important cinematic depictions of western Ireland. Initially arriving for an overnight stay, Flaherty eventually spent over two years among the native community of the Aran Islands, which…

The Man Who Wanted to Fly

Frank Shouldice, 82, 2018

Eighty-something Cavan bachelor Bobby Coote left school at 13 and says his reading and writing isn't great. He spends his days fixing clocks and making violins from old furniture. But he’s never lost sight of a lifelong dream to take…

The Man with the Hat: The Revolutionary Life and Times of Sean Garland

Kevin Brannigan
Graham Seely, 55 minutes, 2018

Documentary about Irishman Sean Garland, known as the man in with the hat, a former Workers' Party president and Official IRA Chief of Staff, and about what he has seen not only in Ireland, but in places as far away…

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