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Heyday: The Mic Christopher Story

Alan Leonard, 100 minutes, 2019

Celebrating the legacy of a prodigiously talented Irish singer-songwriter, Heyday charts Mic Christopher’s musical journey from Grafton Street busker to The Mary Janes and rock stardom to the near-fatal accident that radically changed his world view and ignited a drive…

His and Hers

Ken Wardrop, 80 minutes, 2009

Already celebrated for his short films, Ken Wardrop here translated his distinctive documentary style to his first feature, an endearing documentary which sees seventy women of all ages tell the camera their feelings about the men in their lives. Adopting…

Home Turf

Ross Whitaker, 15 minutes, 2011

Home Turf lovingly envisions what has become an endangered activity – cutting turf from bogs to provide fuel for domestic fires. The turf cutters are characterised by hard work and proclaim both their love for their work and the good…

How to Defuse a Bomb: The Project Children Story

Des Henderson, 90 minutes, 2016

In 1975 Irish immigrant Denis Mulcahy of the NYPD bomb squad began a scheme offering children from Northern Ireland respite from the Troubles. Project Children ultimately brought more than 20,000 Catholic and Protestant children to suburban USA for summer-long visits…


Ross McClean, 17 minutes, 2019

In an encounter between innocence and assumed evil we witness the daily struggles of an imprisoned 21-year-old.

I am Belfast

Mark Cousins, 84 minutes, 2015

Part documentary, part reverie,
I Am Belfast is Mark Cousins’ film exploration of the city he calls home. Incorporating contemporary dream-like sequences, archival film and a haunting score by David Holmes, the film portrays the city in an ethereal light not…

I, Dolours

Maurice Sweeney, 82 minutes, 2018

I, Dolours is the story of one of the first female leaders in the IRA. A member of a crack IRA unit which she claims was run by Gerry Adams, Dolours Price participated in the Old Bailey car bomb attack…


Vittoria Colonna, 81 minutes, 2008

Five individuals give voice to their experiences of Ireland’s multifaceted transgender community in this exploration of a wide range of LGBT issues. Interviews and personal footage are preceded by a performance art piece which expresses a crucial aspect of the…

If These Walls Could Talk

Anna Rodgers, 13 minutes, 2009

Painful memories of institutionalisation are brought to the surface in this creative documentary short from Anna Rodgers. Over images of an abandoned ruin, once a psychiatric institution, traces of forgotten voices recount their experiences of the institution and their life-changing…


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