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Farewell Packets of Ten

Ken Wardrop, 3 minutes, 2007

Blending emotional warmth with self-deprecating humour, two elderly women discuss their smoking habits in this short documentary by Ken Wardrop. Lamenting both the prohibitive cost of cigarettes and the young people who nonetheless smoke them, the pair’s wit comes to…

Farmer Michael (The Life and Times of a Social Pariah)

Gerard Walsh, 2019

Farmer Michael is a Galway-based, divisive character getting millions of views online. But his creator, Stevo Timothy, has a past with far more twists and turns than anyone would expect.

The Farthest

Emer Reynolds, 121 minutes, 2017

Emer Reynolds’s enthralling documentary details NASA’s ambitious Voyager program which, in 1977, launched two probes whose original mission was to study the outermost planets of the Solar System, but went on to become the first human-created object to enter interstellar…

Father of the Cyborgs

David Burke, 90 minutes, 2020

A famous neurologist Phil Kennedy made global headlines in the late 1990s for implanting wire electrodes in the brain of a ‘locked-in patient’ to control a computer cursor with their mind. Compared to Alexander Graham Bell in The Washington Post,…

The First was a Boy

Shaun Dunne, 10 minutes, 2019

Set in the heart of Dublin's ever-changing Ringsend, this experimental film explores the special bonds between grandparents and grandchildren, grief and ageing.

Flea Ceoil

Louis Marcus, 23 minutes, 1967

A tribute to the ‘Fleadh’ – a traditional Irish music festival – Louis Marcus’ film was made in the town of Kilrush in Co. Clare in 1967, at the peak of the 1960s resurgence of Ireland’s musical traditions. This intimately…

Fortune’s Wheel

Joe Lee, 76minutes, 2015

Fortune’s Wheel brings to life the remarkable, implausible story of a Fairview lion-tamer in Dublin in the 1950s. Bill Stephens was an ordinary young Dubliner, with an extraordinary dream – to become a skilled animal trainer and a big circus star.…

The Funeral Director

Gillian Marsh, 82 minutes, 2020

Gillian Marsh's portrait of David McGowan, a Sligo funeral director, confronts the business of death and how it is ritualised within Irish society, where we are known to grieve better than anyone else. With unprecedented access to the procedures, science…

Further Beyond

Christine Molloy
Joe Lawlor, 89 minutes, 2016

In their documentary debut Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor take as their point of departure the compelling 18th Century figure Ambrose O’Higgins (father of Bernardo O’Higgins, the first leader of independent Chile) and attempt to retrace his remarkable journey from…

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