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The Ghost of Richard Harris

Adrian Sibley, 107 minutes, 2022

In a career spanning five decades, a broad range of film genres and a glittering array of best actor awards, Limerick-born Richard Harris (1930 – 2002) brought an electric presence to both stage and screen. He was nominated for Oscars…

Ghosts of Baggotonia

Alan Gilsenan, 80 minutes, 2022

An evocative film-poem exploring the literary and other ghosts of the bohemian quarter bordering Dublin’s Baggot Street during the mid-20th century where there was a radical flourishing of artistic and intellectual activity. ‘Baggotonia’ was both an area and a cultural…

Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami

Sophie Fiennes, 115 minutes, 2017

Bloodlight And Bami – Jamaican patois for the red light of a recording studio and bread – follows the incomparable Grace Jones across the globe as she visits family in Jamaica, appears on French television, and performs in Dublin’s Olympia…

The Graceless Age – The Ballad of John Murry

Sarah Share, 90 minutes, 2023

John Murry was on the cusp of greatness with his highly acclaimed album The Graceless Age (2013) when, addicted to heroin and creatively exhausted, he washed up on Irish shores a broken man. Now, he is ready to retrace his…

The Grass Ceiling

Iseult Howlett, 15 minutes, 2019

Three successful female athletes explore how being physically courageous, unapologetically competitive and deeply passionate in team sport can unlock a freedom to really occupy your own skin. Based on 'The Fear of Winning, an essay by Eimear Ryan.

The Great Book of Ireland

Alan Gilsenan, 89 minutes, 2020

Renowned Irish documentarian Alan Gilsenan explores The Great Book of Ireland, a lavish vellum manuscript dubbed a “modern-day Book of Kells”. This extraordinary tome contains the original work of 9 composers, 121 artists and 144 poets including Eavan Boland, Samuel…

The Great Wall

Tadhg O'Sullivan, 74 minutes, 2014

This bold new documentary, an adaptation of a Kafka story, looks at the enclosure of Europe by a complex system of walls and fences. Mysterious and visually dazzling, the film journeys across a range of European landscapes, and encounters those…


Johnny Gogan, 2021

In 2011, Ireland became a frontline state as the oil and gas industry attempted to introduce the controversial practice known as Hydraulic Fracturing - or "fracking" - into Europe. A ten year groundswell campaign started in the border counties of…

Hearing Silence

Hilary Fennell, 12 minutes, 2010

Elizabeth Petcu, a professional flute player, copes with her gradual loss of hearing in this poignant documentary short. Narrating her experiences of her condition and the problems it causes, she reveals a lifelong commitment to the arts that survives despite…

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