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Joel Conroy, 80 minutes, 2008

Documenting the rise of surfing as one of Ireland’s fastest growing sports, Waveriders explores the unique attractions the country offers to the sport. Set primarily on Ireland’s west coast some of world’s most passionate and talented surfers are interviewed to…

We Are Moving – Memories of Miss Moriarty

Claire Dix, 65 minutes, 2016

This is an intimate portrait of Joan Denise Moriarty, a visionary who overcame enormous odds by doggedly following her dream of bringing ballet to every corner of Ireland. A pioneer of early 20th century Irish dance, Moriarty dared to create…

What Remains

Tadhg O'Sullivan, Pat Collins, 11 minutes, 2013

What Remains, directors Pat Collins and Tadhg O'Sullivan's abstract work, explores personal and cultural memory, and is made exclusively from film in the IFI Irish Film Archive. Notes by Sunniva O'Flynn

What We Leave in Our Wake

Pat Collins, 70 minutes, 2010

Developed in the midst of Ireland’s devastating property crash and subsequent recession, director Pat Collins uses this documentary to explore the materials – the institutions, attitudes, and politics –from which modern Ireland is made. Beginning by observing that throughout Irish…

Where I Am

Pamela Drynan, 69 minutes, 2013

In this Irish documentary, gay American writer Robert Drake returns to the small town of Sligo from his home in Philadelphia, in an attempt to revisit the memories of his time in Ireland. Twelve years have passed since he was…

Who is Dervla Murphy?

Garret Daly, 64 minutes, 2010

Dervla Murphy is Ireland’s most prolific travel writer who for five decades has travelled the world alone and with her daughter Rachel. A fiercely independent woman who turned her back on societal conventions at a time when few were as…

Wonder House

Oonagh Kearney, 71 minutes, 2012

Wonder House is a meditative, mesmerising journey through rooms full of exciting ideas and striking visual concepts. This debut film from London-based Irish filmmaker Oonagh Kearney is an experimental work which combines documentary with a loose fictional narrative to explore…

The Yellow Bittern

Alan Gilsenan, 108 minutes, 2009

Completed shortly before he died, this feature-length film about folk singer Liam Clancy presents a revealing and surprising portrait of the man whom Bob Dylan called “just the best ballad singer I’d ever heard in my whole life.” This intimate,…

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