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Old Fangs

Adrien Merigeau, Alan Holly, 12 minutes, 2009

An anthropomorphic young wolf – named only as ‘Wolf’ - meets his father after years of separation in this atmospheric animated short. As he makes his way through the woods to his father, Wolf finds his old haunts to be…

On Departure

Eoin Duffy, 6 minutes, 2012

Directed by Eoin Duffy, On Departure is a poignant and heartfelt animation which attempts to express a personal journey centred around the loss of the filmmaker’s younger brother.  Notes by Sunniva O'Flynn

The Overcoat

Meelis Arulepp
Sean Mullen, 31 minutes, 2018

The Overcoat is a warm and unique Christmas story about an office worker that saves all his money to buy a new coat in time for Christmas, only to have fate take a ghostly hand. Notes by Screen Ireland


Richard Kelly, 6 minutes, 2010

Living alone in a bustling city, a paper man searches for a partner to escape the loneliness of urban life. Everything in this strange world is made of paper; stacks of sheets make up tower blocks and dollar bills and…

Pet Hate

Andy Clarke, 5 minutes, 2012

A running battle between a pet shop owner and his mischievous pets grows dark in this animated short. Refusing to be sold, the animals play dead every time a customer enters the shop; with dust building in his cash register…


Matthew Darragh, 4 minutes, 2006

In this surreal animated short an anthropomorphic fridge scrambles through a desert in search of a power source. Completely silent, the tension builds as the fridge’s precious cargo begins to melt, and the need for power becomes increasingly urgent. Preferring…

The Polish Language

Alice Lyons, Orla McHardy, 8 minutes, 2009

Intelligent and imaginative, The Polish Language is an animated film-poem that explores the power of modern poetry. Hand-drawn, stop-motion, and time-lapse animation techniques are employed as the short celebrates late-twentieth century Polish poetry, with the film’s stylistic variety encouraging the…

The Rooster, the Crocodile, and the Night Sky

Padraig Fagan, 6 minutes, 2008

A  money-hungry crocodile wreaks havoc on a rooster and his strange community when he uses a vacuum to steal the night sky. Brilliantly inventive in both plot and presentation, a bombastic soundtrack is married to a wildly creative animation style…

Second to None

Vincent Gallagher, 7 minutes, 2017

A  black comedy in stop motion about the world's second oldest man who learns that ambition can be a killer.

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