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The Lost Letter

Kealan O'Rourke, 8 minutes, 2017

When a young boy asks Santa Claus for the ultimate gift, he sets out to prepare the entire neighbourhood for the big day. But the boy’s plans are turned upside down when he meets the one lady who doesn’t want…


Glenn Marshall, 3 minutes, 2003

A short film eschewing conventional narrative and providing instead a rich sensual  experience, Lotus uses computer animation to depict ethereal patterns, resembling unfolding lotus flowers, playing out against a dark background. An ambient soundtrack is used to heighten a sense…


Alan Short, Seamus Malone, 4 minutes, 2018

A desperate castaway navigates shark-infested waters to reach a nearby island paradise, and pits his wits against an escalating run of extraordinary bad luck.


Polly Holland, 6 minutes, 2020

“There’s method to the madness.” All Square Boi wants is a cup of tea and he’s willing to face insanity to get it!

Midnight Dance

John McCloskey, 6 minutes, 1996

The skeletal dead risen and walking is a theme in many great works of medieval art, and that tradition is used to great effect in this animated short. A fiddler plays music to raise skeletons from their graves and lead…

The Missing Scarf

Eoin Duffy, 7 minutes, 2013

George Takei narrates this animated short in which a squirrel sets out in search of a missing scarf only to find himself offering life lessons to the  forest’s neurotic inhabitants. Friendship, fears, and existential crises are tackled in this philosophical…


Aidan O'Sullivan, 2019

A bereaved man, grieving and drunk, idly asks for a way out. Unfortunately, in doing so, he irritates someone that could give him just that.


Saoirse Kavanagh, 2019

A mysterious quest goes horribly wrong. Dealing with the inevitable decay that envelopes the world in which we live, you cannot barter with forces beyond your control.

Old Fangs

Adrien Merigeau, Alan Holly, 12 minutes, 2009

An anthropomorphic young wolf – named only as ‘Wolf’ - meets his father after years of separation in this atmospheric animated short. As he makes his way through the woods to his father, Wolf finds his old haunts to be…


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