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Fear of Flying

Conor Finnegan, 10 minutes, 2012

Faced with the prospect of migrating for winter, cowardly bird Dougal (Mark Doherty) hides his fear of flying from his friends in this animated short. Haunted by nightmares of crashing to earth mid-flight, Dougal plans to hibernate through winter rather…

Fifty Percent Grey

Ruairí Robinson, 3 minutes, 2001

Nominated for an Academy Award, Fifty Percent Grey explores the existential predicament of a space-suited character, who wakes up in a featureless grey landscape with only a series of televisions welcoming him to ‘Heaven’ for company


Sean Mullen, Ben Harper, Alex Sherwood, 11 minutes, 2015

A shipwrecked fisherman takes shelter in an abandoned house on a remote island, but soon realises he is not alone.

The Girl With the Mechanical Maiden

Andrew Legge, 15 minutes, 2012

A short set in a strange, quasi-Victorian world, The Girl with the Mechanical Maiden sees an inventor (Dominic West) construct a ramshackle robotic wet-nurse for his daughter after her mother dies in childbirth. As the child grows older, a robotic…

Give Up Yer Aul Sins

Cathal Gaffney, 5 minutes, 2001

A young Dublin girl tells her own, youthfully unique version of the story of John the Baptist in this animated short. Based on recordings made in a Dublin school in the 1970s and rediscovered in the 1990s, Give Up Yer…

Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty

Nicky Phelan, 6 minutes, 2008

Garnering an Academy Award for Best Animated Short, this dark comedy from multi-award winning animation company Brown Bag films, tells the story of a seemingly sweet-hearted elderly lady who tells her anti-ageist version of fairy tales to her frightened granddaughter.…

The Great Fall

Gary O'Neill, 6 minutes, 2015

Up in the clouds, a nervous, young raindrop is terrified about his first fall to earth as an imminent storm rapidly approaches.

It’s Some Kind of Voodoo

Nicky Phelan, 3 minutes, 2006

A delightful gothic short narrated by Neil Hannon, It’s Some Kind of Voodoo uses string puppets to tell the story of a vengeful sculptor. Scorned by the beautiful neighbour he has taken as his muse, the sculptor attempts to use…

The Last Elk

Alan Shannon, 6 minutes, 1998

Set more than ten thousand years in the past, this animation imagines animal life in an ancient world. Elk dance across the screen, bounding through unspoiled lands and battling both the elements and one another. Music transforms the animals’ movements…

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