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Stella Days

Thaddeus O'Sullivan, 87 minutes, 2011

Working through themes of conservative religion clashing with modernisation, Stella Days sees progressively-thinking priest Father Barry (Martin Sheen) try to resolve a budget crisis by opening a cinema in his 1950s Tipperary parish. Working alongside schoolteacher Tim McCarthy (Trystan Gravelle),…


Paul Mercier, 90 minutes, 2006

Underdogs punching above their weight never fail to win hearts and minds and it is an underdog story that Paul Mercier tells here in this tale of embattled Dublin football club Emmet Rovers defying the odds. Manager-less, win-less, and soon-to-be…


Claire Dix, 91 minutes, 2023

Former addict Leon (Barry Ward) is indebted to Iver (Liam Carney), his friend who helped him back from the edge. Now the tables have turned; Leon is clean and bursting with unbridled energy while Iver is at death’s door. Diagnosed…


Harry Macqueen, 95, 2020

Sam (Colin Firth) and Tusker (Stanley Tucci) have been together for more than twenty years and are as passionately in love as they ever have been. We are introduced to this high-achieving couple – Sam is an acclaimed classical pianist,…

The Surprise

Mike van Diem, 102 minutes, 2015

An eccentric multi-millionaire signs an agreement to have his life ended. While selecting his coffin he meets a young woman who has signed up for the same arrangement. Trouble ensues when the couple fall in love and wish to get…

Surrender Your Horns

Bryony Dunne, 61, 2022

After snorting a line of powdered horn, a lonely Irishman undergoes a Kafkaesque metamorphosis that turns him into a rhino-head man. Embodying both hunter and hunted, he guides us into an eclectic series of real and fantasy worlds, from the…

The Survivalist

Stephen Fingleton, 104 minutes, 2015

We are in a post-apocalyptic scenario; runaway population growth has outstripped resources and society has collapsed. An anonymous man (Martin McCann) is alone in the forest, tending meagre crops outside his wooden shack and nervously guarding his surroundings from attack.…

Tara Road

Gillies MacKinnon, 97 minutes, 2005

Life’s crises are turned into opportunities to grow in this drama which has two women living on either side of Atlantic try set to right the troubles in their lives. Her son dead in a motorcycle accident, Marilyn (Andie MacDowell)…


Declan Recks, 96 minutes, 2022

Aoife Ní Bhraoin returns home to help her father Brendan ‘The Bear’ Ó Briain as he recovers from a heart attack. Day to day they get along fine, but there is so much that has been left unsaid about the…

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