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Secret of Kells

Tomm Moore, 75 minutes, 2009

An animated feature, The Secret of Kells creates a gorgeously realised vision of a medieval Ireland wherein a young monk battles monsters and Vikings to help complete the Book of Kells. Brendan (Evan McGuire) chafes against the restrictions of his…

The Secret Scripture

Jim Sheridan, 108 minutes, 2016

After an eclectic range of films in recent years, Jim Sheridan (My Left Foot, In America) returns to Irish themes and material with this adaptation of Sebastian Barry’s acclaimed novel. The elderly Rose (the inimitable Vanessa Redgrave) is the last…


Tom Hall, 105 minutes, 2010

Inheriting the family farm after his father’s death, twenty-six year old Donal Durkan (Domhnall Gleeson) starts what quickly becomes a personal relationship with prostitute, Kim (Luanne Gordon). Growing closer, Donal allows Kim to hide away from thugs on his farm…

Shadow Dancer

James Marsh, 101 minutes, 2012

Having broached the U.S. Bible Belt and a grim Yorkshire circa 1980 in previous works, director James Marsh’s commitment to eschewing the obvious in terms of treatment and subject matter has him here turn to the mid-‘90s endgame of the…


Carlo Lavagna, 90 minutes, 2020

A gripping psychological thriller following two teenagers on a journey of self-discovery as they dismantle the terrifying obstacles of the world they live in. Confined to an abandoned hotel with their slightly unhinged mother, the siblings live by night and…

The Shamrock Handicap

John Ford, 66 minutes, 1926

Already in his first big production, 1924’s The Iron Horse, Ford had foregrounded the role of Irish immigrants in constructing the trans-continental railway. His main Irishman there was played by J. Farrell Macdonald, whose prolific career playing Irishmen in Ford…

She Didn’t Say No

Cyril Frankel, 96 minutes, 1958

Based on Una Troy's charming novel, We Are Seven, She Didn't Say No depicts the lives of the Monaghan family, six children and their unmarried mother Bridget, in the town of Doon, County Waterford. The children's various fathers are local…

She’s Missing

Alexandra McGuinness, 100 minutes, 2019

Heidi and Jane are best friends living in a small town in the desert. When Jane, a Rodeo Queen contestant and military wife goes missing Heidi, now alone in the world, must begin a search across the desert for her…

Shem the Penman Sings Again

Padraig Trehy, 80 minutes, 2015

A new exploration of the actual and much-fabled friendship between Joyce and Irish tenor, John McCormack. McCormack inspires the character of Shaun the Post in Joyce’s famously ‘unreadable’ final novel Finnegans Wake, in which Joyce portrayed himself as Shaun’s lowly…

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