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Puffin Rock and the New Friends

Jeremy Purcell, 75 minutes, 2020

Based on the award-winning TV series, a young puffin called Oona undertakes a challenging mission to protect the home she loves and ensure the survival of her puffin community. As a huge storm approaches, the last Little Egg of the…


Paul Mercier, 89 minutes, 2015

A road movie and thriller, inspired by Irish folk legend, Pursuit is a tale of love, betrayal and revenge, and the pursuit of a life beyond crime, bondage and a shattered dream. Notes courtesy of Screen Ireland


Alan Lambert, 58 Minutes, 2015

In the distant future climate change has devastated the Earth. Pushtar, a tundra on the outskirts of the Himalayas, 
is home to a disparate settlement. Among them, a breed of hypersensitive children acting as weather vanes to atmospheric changes that…

The Queen of Ireland

Conor Horgan, 82 minutes, 2016

Panti Bliss – AKA Rory O’Neill – is many things: Ireland’s premiere drag queen, successful businesswoman and, most recently, an accidental activist and campaigner on the world stage championing LGBT rights. Described by long-time co-conspirator Niall Sweeney as a “glamorous…

The Quiet Man

John Ford, 129 minutes, 1952

A classic in the canon of Irish film, Irishman Sean Thornton (John Wayne) returns from Pittsburgh to his native home in the fictional town of Inisfree. Falling in love with both the scenery and local beauty Mary-Kate Danaher (Maureen O’Hara),…

The Race

Andre F. Nebe, 84 minutes, 2009

An uplifting family drama about a young girl breaking barriers, The Race has thirteen year old Mary Kensay (Niamh McGirr) challenge the expectations of her rural Northern Irish community by dreaming of becoming a racing driver. Her ambitions, however, are…

The Racer

Kieron J. Walsh, 95 minutes, 2020

Summer 1998. The opening stages of the Tour de France have been relocated to Ireland. Fictional Belgian rider Dom Chabol (Louis Talpe) has been one of the best support riders on the Tour for the last 20 years. It's a sacrificial…

The Randomer

Naji Berchara
Caoimhe Clancy
Iseult Imbert, 82 minutes, 2016

This film screened 28th September 2016. Free-spirited Meg thinks she has everything she wants, a great job and an exciting social life. But things are suddenly turned upside-down when she finds herself needing the one thing that she least expected…

Redemption of a Rogue

Philip Doherty, 90 minutes, 2020

Dishevelled Jimmy Cullen returns to Co Cavan after seven years of exile to make peace with his dying father and seek redemption for past sins before he too bids this world farewell. Moments after his arrival, his father breathes his…

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