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Colin Gregg, 110 minutes, 1985

Michael Lamb (Liam Neeson) is an idealistic young Brother in a west of Ireland reformatory, ill at ease with the brutal regime under which the young inmates live. The recent death of his father and his growing anger at the…

The Last Bus Home

Johnny Gogan, 93 minutes, 1997

Set during Pope John Paul II’s historic visit to Ireland in 1979 The Last Bus Home tells the story of a bunch of Dublin youths brought together through their shared rejection of the religious celebrations.  Punk and aspiring entrepreneur Reena…

The Last of the High Kings

David Keating, 95 minutes, 1996

A feel-good coming-of-age film based on the popular novel by Ferdia Mac Anna set in 1977 Dublin, The Last of the High Kings casts a young Jared Leto as a Dublin teenager. Leto plays Frankie Griffin, a rock ‘n’ roll…

The Last Right

Aoife Crehan, 106 minutes, 2019

A comedy-drama road movie telling the story of a man bringing the body of someone he barely knows for burial with his family. His good intentions are motivated by trying to patch up his relationship with his own brother. However,…

The Last September

Deborah Warner, 103 minutes, 1999

Much celebrated theatrical director Deborah Warner made the transition to feature film here with this lushly-filmed adaptation of Elizabeth Bowen’s novel of the same name, in a depiction of love blooming amidst social collapse. Set during the Irish War of…

Let the Wrong One In

Conor McMahon, 100 minutes, 2022

Matt 16, is a nice kid from Northside Dublin. A little too nice for his own good and it has been holding him back his whole life. He always puts other people’s needs before his own but will he ever…

Lies We Tell

Lisa Mulcahy, 89 minutes, 2023

An orphaned heiress in an isolated manor is forced to adapt to embrace her family’s dark legacy, in this adaptation of Sheridan Le Fanu’s Uncle Silas. Note: film currently on competitive circuit and not available for screening at cultural festivals

Life’s A Breeze

Lance Daly, 88 minutes, 2013

Turning again to his favoured terrain of ordinary Dubliners, director Lance Daly crafts here a warm and engaging comedy about a family making its way in post-Celtic Tiger Ireland. Matriarch Nan (Fionnula Flanagan) is upset when her unemployed son Colm…


Gerard Barrett, 90 minutes, 2017

Twenty-four hours in the life of a young Irish mother and child as they battle homelessness while living in emergency accommodation.

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