Irish Film Institute -THREE COLOURS: WHITE



91 minutes. Switzerland-France-Poland, 1994. Subtitled. 4K Digital

With the bittersweet-comedy middle instalment of the trilogy, exploring the theme of equality, aspects of Kieślowski’s overall plan became more apparent. As with Blue, the film’s colour palette is influenced primarily by its title, with healthy measures of the other two added. Juliette Binoche’s Julie makes a brief appearance, just as White’s leads, Julie Delpy and Zbigniew Zamachowski, did in Blue. After Karol (Zamachowski) is divorced by Dominique (Delpy), his life in Paris quickly goes from bad to worse: he loses his bank account, passport, and business, and Dominique is only too happy to repeatedly display how well and how quickly she has moved on from him. A chance encounter with – and unusual proposition from – fellow Pole Mikołaj (Janusz Gajos) sees Karol return to Poland, where he is able to take advantage of his bosses and accrue a fortune sufficient for taking revenge on his ex-wife.

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