97 minutes. France-Poland-Switzerland, 1993. Subtitled. 4K Digital

Having established a career in Polish cinema that saw him receive international acclaim for work such as No End (1984) and the Dekalog television series (1988), Krzysztof Kieślowski began a series of largely French-financed foreign co-productions. The first of these, The Double Life Of Véronique (1990), met with sufficient commercial success to allow production of Kieślowski’s magnum opus, the Three Colours trilogy. Each of these three films was thematically inspired by the relevant colour and Revolutionary ideal represented on the French flag; Blue explores the idea of liberty, and, according to its director, specifically emotional freedom. Julie (Juliette Binoche) is distraught after surviving the car crash that took her composer husband and daughter. Following a failed suicide attempt, she seeks to cut all ties with her previous life before ultimately making a conscious choice to reclaim it for herself, and to move on willingly.

Three Colours pass available: all three films in the Three Colours trilogy (Three Colours: White; Three Colours: Red) available for €30. Available at the IFI Box Office or over the phone at 01 679 5744.

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