Irish Film Institute -THREE COLOURS: RED



99 minutes. France-Switzerland-Poland, 1994. Subtitled. 4K Digital

One of contemporary European cinema’s greatest achievements ends as Kieślowski reunites with Irène Jacob following their collaboration on The Double Life Of Véronique (1990) to explore the idea of fraternity. Student Valentine (Jacob) strikes a dog with her car, leading her to the animal’s owner, Kern (Jean-Louis Trintignant), a cantankerous retired judge with his own secrets. Meanwhile, law student Auguste (Jean-Pierre Lorit), a neighbour to Valentine, although the two have not met, is suffering relationship difficulties. As well as its more obvious links to the preceding chapters in style, themes including chance and fate, and cameos, the film also contains callbacks that reward the careful observer. After the film premiered at Cannes in 1994, Kieślowski announced his retirement from filmmaking; although this claim seemed to have been quickly rescinded, it ultimately proved to be the case with his untimely death coming just two years later.

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