Irish Film Institute -KINOPOLIS: ULTIMA THULE + Q&A


Director: Klaudiusz Chrostowski

83 mins, Poland, 2023, Digital, Subtitled

Leaving behind family, partner, and career while he comes to terms with the unexpected death of his father, Bartek (Jakub Gierszał) heads for the secluded isle of Foula, largely unchanged since its appearance in Powell and Pressburger’s 1937 The Edge Of The World. He finds work with an eccentric local farmer, and settles into an arduous routine. After struggling with his new living conditions and habitat, and aided by a goat with whom he bonds, Bartek finds his place on Foula and comes to appreciate its staggering natural beauty, even as he considers his return to the wider world in this contemplative film built on Jakub Gierszał’s superb performance.

Notes by Kevin Coyne

Followed by Q&A with director Klaudiusz Chrostowski and actor Jakub Gierszał.

Screening as part of Kinopolis Polish Film Festival 2023, December 7th – 10th.

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Sunday 10th