This year’s edition of IFI Kinopolis takes us from the beautifully animated life of nineteenth century rural Poland to a (hopefully) distant future where humanity may be about to wink out of existence at the hands of an implacable AI. Between the two, we are complicit in the tension and subterfuge of life as a spy, visit the edge of the world and the deep underground, listen captivated to some of the world’s greatest interpreters of Chopin’s music, dance, and try desperately to get a job that will help us afford a decent place to live. The festival’s annual précis of new Polish film once again captures the breadth and diversity of the country’s remarkable national cinema. Alongside the selection of new and established talent, we are also pleased to present a film by a truly singular Polish auteur, Walerian Borowczyk, on the occasion of the centenary of his birth. We are particularly delighted this year that so many filmmakers and actors will come to Dublin to present their work, contributing to what is sure to be a memorable weekend in celebration of the best new work emerging from a country with such close ties to our own. The IFI would like to offer our sincere gratitude to Nikola Sękowska-Moroney, Cultural Affairs and Media Coordinator of the Embassy of Poland in Dublin, and to Agata Dzik, International Department Coordinator of the Pomeranian Film Foundation for their invaluable assistance and support. Kinopolis is supported by the Embassy of Poland in Dublin and Tracey Solicitors. Festival notes by Kevin Coyne.
Multi-film passes available: 3 films for €40 / 5 films for €60. Enquire at IFI Box Office/ 01 679 5744.