Irish Film Institute -Andrew Kotting Season

Andrew Kotting Season

Continuing its collaboration with JDIFF, the IFI is please to pay tribute to artist and filmmaker Andrew Kötting with screenings of two of his features, Gallivant and This Our Still Life, and an interview with the filmmaker.

“Andrew Kötting is one of Britain’s most intriguing artists, and perhaps the only filmmaker currently practising who could be said to have taken to heart the spirit of visionary curiosity and hybrid creativity exemplified by the late Derek Jarman. Formally exploratory and aesthetically innovative, like Jarman he is also a great collaborator, building around his various projects a community of shared interests, while anchoring his prolific production in an ongoing report on the lives of those closest to him.

“His oeuvre to date has moved from early live-art inflected, often absurdist pieces, ripe with their own internal logic and skewed mythologies, through darkly comic shorts, teasing out the melancholy surrealism at the heart of contemporary Englishness. His resolutely independent features take landscape and journeys as the springboards for visually striking and structurally inventive enquiries into identity, belonging, history and notions of community.

“The film and video work offers just one incarnation of the themes and motifs to which Kötting is attentive. Throughout his work he has also written and performed, created for digital platforms and for the gallery. Such activity reflects both his wide-ranging formal interests but also his refusal to
adopt conventional ideas of closure around artworks in any medium.” Gareth Evans/Vertigo.

Andrew Kötting will be interviewed by GradCAM fellow Martin McCabe following the screening of This Our Still Life on February 25th.


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